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For business inquiries, please contact me here:  http://kingisaaclinksr.com/business-inquiries/

I’m Timothy Wetzel (KingIsaacLinksr), creator for the site. I’m the casual reviewer with a sense of justice.

What You Can Expect

I focus on creating lengthy and detailed reviews of PC videogames. My main focus is on Indie titles but I will take a look at AAA ones now and again. These reviews look at game mechanics, business models, DRM if applicable, PC relevant settings and my thoughts on the entire experience. Usually these reviews are released months or years after the title has been released. I do this to avoid the hype train as well as cater to people like myself. People that play games months or years after they’ve been launched and want to know if a title may or may not have been overhyped or if any glaring problems were ignored.

I don’t do day one/week one reviews. I prefer to take my time and enjoy both the game and the process of creating the review. Not only is that better for me to avoid burnout or glaring mistakes but I think that also makes my reviews better in the long run. Plus, the day one/week one review market is extremely over-saturated and that there’s room for people like myself. If any of this interests you, consider following me.

Quick Bio

Timothy WetzelI grew up in Tillamook OR with my two brothers and parents for about 21 years before moving to my current location in Cornelius, OR. I got my High School & Associates Degree before deciding that school wasn’t working for me. I’m still debating a Bachelors though. For the time being, I’m trying to strike out on my own as an Independent Creator and Tech Consultant. So far, that has led to the creation of A Paladin Without A Crusade, TLW Tech Services and TeknoCratik.

Gaming Experience:

I am a variety gamer with a variety of genres that I like to play. If I had to pick my favorite genres, those would probably be Strategy, FPS and RPG games. But I’ve played (and subsequently reviewed) simulations, platformers, metroidvanias, city builders, exploration games, anime visual novels, puzzle games and more. There are very few genres that I haven’t dipped my toes into. So that gives you some idea of what you can expect to see here. I started with PC gaming but I’ve played on consoles, handhelds, mobile and then back to PC in recent years. Where my blog has been covering PC gaming for the past five+ years.

Technology Knowledge:

I first got started with computers on a Windows 95 machine that my family bought when I was in grade school. My interests in learning them was more for gaming than repairing them at the beginning. However, in my middle school and high school years this leveled out to equal interests in both. Then I built my first and second desktop. I have experience using and fixing most modern operating systems. Everything ranging from Windows to Linux and everything in between. I’ve moved on to improving my hardware repair skills which has proven to be challenging. After I get a mastery on hardware repair, I hope to become a network engineer. That’s my hope anyway.

Social Media Profiles:

My nickname is explained here: KingIsaacLinksr and my Avatar is explained here: KingIsaacLinksr’s Avatar.

Want to Help the Blog?:

Sharing my blog/posts are the best way to help me out. Beyond that, gifting games on Steam is somewhat helpful but I’ve got plenty of games right now to review so it’s not really necessary. Direct donations is currently a work in progress, you would have to contact me directly if you have a burning desire to do so. Otherwise, I recommend giving to charities. Help out people that really need assistance.

A Paladin has remained a passion project for many years and I hope will continue to remain so for the forseeable future. Check back regularly for new content, it’s always appreciated.

-KingIsaacLinksr, Timothy Wetzel


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