A Paladin’s Update. February 23rd, 2017. A Long Hiatus From the Blog Starts Now As I Begin Another Job.

Well, here we are. Almost two months later after my last blog post and you’re probably wondering what the hell has been going on. With the exception of a few Twitch Streams, I haven’t been doing much. While I was taking January off, that break extended into February and doesn’t seem to show any signs of letting up. At first, I thought it was just the depression keeping me away. It has done so in the past. But, the truth that I realized this week is that three years of hard work on this project have finally caught up with me. I’m burned out just enough that I have no interest in creating content right now. And as such, well, I need to change what I’m doing. Which, coincidentally, an opportunity has been presented to me at the right time for such a change.

I have recently taken up a second job with another company that works in the gaming scene. I can’t really say much about it (because I’m not 100% certain what I can say right now) other than working for this company and working on A Paladin Without A Crusade would be a gross violation of ethics. That means no videos, no streams or blog reviews. There would be no way to do both without the potential for influencing my biases. And as I said, I need a long break. So, it works out for me.

I don’t know if/when I’ll return to this project. I hate to think that this is the last word I ever make here. I feel like there’s so much more I could have done, so much more that’s left unsaid. AI War being the last word wasn’t what I had in mind but what a hell of a way to end this if that was. I have no regrets. I did something few others have done and I’m immensely proud of myself for all the hard work I’ve done. Six years on a not-popular blog making some of the longest and thought out reviews…there are few that can lay claim to that sort of work. Mostly because they probably think me insane. Heh, well, maybe you gotta be. I’ve closed up my Patreon, shut down/paused a few things and removed much of the shilling for other people on here since I’m not going to be working on this for a while. All that’s left is to hit publish on this post.

What will I be doing from here? Well, besides working two jobs, I’m becoming more of an activist. Not just for games but for other causes as well. I’m planning on trying to pick up coding. I’m working on paying off student debts. I’m trying to live a happier, less depression filled life. But, I know that my struggles with depression may go on for a long time. This blog helped me through some dark times and I’m grateful to myself that I did it. Beyond that, I’m not sure what the future holds. I’ve got my family, friends, game/tech hobbies and so much more. I’m sure I’ll be busy as ever.

Thanks again for reading. It was always appreciated. Feel free to keep up with me on Twitter, I’m sure that’ll be a thing.

A Paladin signs out.

-KingIsaacLinksr (Timothy Wetzel).

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