Retrospective about the Age of Wonders 3 Review.

As I don’t have a review prepped tonight, I thought I’d take some time to disseminate my thoughts on my last review: Age of Wonders 3.

I’m a bit blown away by the response and anything I say after this is not to undermine that. I’m really happy with how it turned out and am glad so many people enjoyed it. I could not have hoped for better out of this review which makes me even more excited for the next review scheduled in the pipeline.

Yet, I’m also uncertain of what the analytics and the response dictate I should do next. The video version got more than half as many views as the written version, which quite frankly surprises me. It’s a 45min video where I repeat what the written review says. But I also can’t deny the fact that people like videos or “podcasts” as well and video reviews, even as “cheap” as mine are preferable to nothing.

Obviously, moving forward and making more reviews is clearly what I should be doing. But I find myself wondering if the extra work and effort was worth it in the end. And I’m strictly talking about the video here, not the written review. I’m generally happy with how my written reviews turn out and the response they get. I feel like the work justifies the rewards, even if it’s clearly one sided. (I put in way more effort than is justified, but I justify it by the love I have for creating each review). The video/audio is an extra I decided to attach to the SMITE review for the kicks and again for AOW3. But, that extra effort comes with a severe cost. The audio work for 45mins-to-an-hour takes at least a couple of hours at best. To record the footage takes another hour and then processing and uploading can take a long time as well. That’s a lot of time spent on an extra feature. On top of the time I already spent writing the review in the first place.

And yet, I can’t ignore that some people probably enjoy video/audio than they do reading. So, I lose out on a potential audience by not doing them. But putting more work and making videos means less time for writing the next review, working on other projects and well… gets frakkin complicated.

This is why I resisted doing video reviews in the first place. I knew the time and effort would be significantly longer than just doing writing. And worst case scenario if I frakked it up? I could just do some quick edits. Frakking up a video review is….well, a little more permanent. Or costs more time to fix. I was honestly hoping that this review could convince me that making video versions of my reviews would be a giant mistake. I mean, it’s not a knockout success but it’s also not nothing. And I can’t just use one example to say “Oh well, this isn’t going anywhere”, I need more evidence than that.

So, I find myself sitting here and thinking about the end of the year and how things are going to shape out. I am going to do a video version of my final big review of the year. But after that? I don’t know. And I don’t know what the right question to ask my audience is. Or what’s even right for A Paladin. Or myself. There’s another project I’m really looking forward to doing here soon. I’m about to get a lot more politically active. I can only stretch so many different ways and maybe review videos are simply too much effort. I’m not looking for answers from you, I might add, I just wanted to process this “out loud”. And sadly, this hasn’t helped me answer anything. Hm. Argh. Things to continue pondering.

Thanks for reading!


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