The Trickiness of Making A Paladin’s Reviews. (Update for 10/31/2016).


I’m currently working on my next full review and decided to take a “break” by writing a personal post to discuss my thoughts on how I’m writing reviews right now. It’s a 4X strategy game and that’s all I’m spoiling about it right now. I’ve also been working on a highly requested review of an RTS title. Anyway.

For the past couple of years I’ve been doing a lot of different types of reviews for a wide variety of genres and I’m pretty sure I’ve publicly stated that before. While doing updates to reviews, I’m trying to figure out what people respond the best/worst to. Not only that, I’ve been trying to figure out what I enjoy writing the best. Notably, most people don’t really care too much about my platformer and minimalist puzzle reviews. Even on some games that seem niche. People definitely don’t like it when I write negative reviews about favored RPG series (Legend of Grimrock 2 most notably) but, well, they’ll have to get over that. People really seem to love RTS, Genre-Mixing games (Arcen Games most notably) and Metro-like games. I really wish more first person post-nuclear apocalypse games were being created right now. I’m being brief but it’s been fascinating to see not only what I love to write but what people read from me. It’s given me a focus for writing future reviews. It’s why I’m glad I started the first impression series to tackle games I want to talk about but don’t necessarily want or have time to review. As a result, you’ll be seeing more “interesting” games getting reviewed instead.

However, something I started noticing earlier this year was that my writing style was hitting too many roadblocks. It was taking me far too much time to write reviews for the length and complexity that they were. I knew that had to change because if it continued, I could burn out rather badly. I knew it wasn’t a fear of failing to write a good review. Or at least, not an irrational fear of that. It took a while and some introspection but I think I finally figured it out. That I was trying to add too much detail and explanations that were largely unnecessary for a review. Or as I liked to think of it: “you’re trying too hard to be a wikipedia, knock it off”. I still want my reviews to be detailed and examine mechanics, but not the point of where a wikipedia would be better at it. It just slows my writing process down too much and I’m generally less satisfied with the results.

So, I’m working on it from the angle of injecting more of my personality into reviews and not parroting things you can find from a wiki or gamer guide. Not that I was doing that intentionally. And the work has been going at a much better pace than before. I’m pretty happy about that.

Anyway, just wanted to get that off my chest. Oh and final note: schedule is going to be changing again but the general idea is to get content off of Wednesday so I can work on reviews that day I’ll be updating the side bar to the right when I settle on it.

Thanks for reading!


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