Just Checking In. (October 19, 2016)

Apologies everyone for the blog quieting down again. I’ve been dealing with the lack of games that I can review and a busy schedule. Things are slowing down again and I’m going to be on myself to publish something even if it’s casual for the time being.

As I already announced on social media, Shadow Warrior 2 has been stricken from the to-play/review list. I’ve been checking it out through other reviews/first impressions and unfortunately, it seems Wild Flying Hog has made a wrong course with the series. Turning it into a shooter loot-em-up instead of a more interesting single player campaign. It’s rather disappointing to say the least, as this is one of the more anticipated titles of the year that I’d been hoping would be good. It was, unfortunately, not to be.

I’m playing through The Witcher 3 at earnest now that things have calmed down and enjoying the heck out of it. I’m not sure when or where Civilization 6 is going to fit into all of that. Or any of the other number of releases that will doubtless come out at the end of the year. >_<

Multiplayer wise, I’m focused on a mix of Overwatch, SMITE and Paladins. Mostly it depends on my mood and who’s around to play. I’m still working on when to put in a strategy game into that mix.

Otherwise, it’s just business as usual as I deal with the challenges of life and my time being consumed by everything else.


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