A Paladin’s Update: September 2016 In Summary. Ramping Up Production and Changing Focus.

Well, we’re transitioning into the fall. Allergies are out in plenty of force but otherwise things are going well.

Reviews are going to be slowed down for the next couple of months as I’m about to tackle some rather difficult games. Games that I can’t simply do over a weekend. This caught me by surprise but mostly its because I haven’t been finishing other games to make them eligble for review. I’ve been busy with my job and other life obligations. Ah well, I really want to tackle this next set of games as full reviews and now seems as good a time as any. To make up for it, I’ll be making sure to release weekly first impression videos instead. So, get ready for those.

September has been a fantastic month for A Paladin Without A Crusade and I’m hoping it’s the beginning of a new period of growth. The First Impression series has gone off with a bang, my reviews are being well received and generally everything is looking great. I have no complaints with how September turned out and I’m looking for things to be even better next month.

I made the decision earlier last month that A Paladin is going to focus more on the gaming industry and less on technology and my personal life. I’ll still be making personal posts here every now and again when I feel it works, like I did with the depression post, but that’s now the exception to the rule. Mostly, I’ve struggled between my goals of what I want to do with this project and what I want to talk about. A Paladin Without A Crusade just doesn’t work talking about politics, beliefs or other life topics that I want to look into with more detail. I’m really happy with myself on where it’s at but I don’t want to muddy the waters with topics that will be ultimately fruitless for A Paladin. That’s why a new project is currently underway that will be completely separate from this project and have no attachment to it outside of myself. I’m really looking forward to what comes next for that and A Paladin.

Top Seven Viewed Posts of The Previous Month:

  1. Starward Rogue
  2. Hard Reset Redux
  3. Wolfenstein The New Order & The Old Blood
  4. Fighting Depression, When Even Videogames Don’t Help Me Cope.
  5. The Talos Principle.
  6. August 2016 In Summary
  7. The Beauty of The Talos Principle: Fourth Selection.

(I removed top reviews of the recent months because of the shift of focus in A Paladin. It was a superfluous stat these days). Starward Rogue blew away my expectations in terms of reception and hits. Makes me feel pretty good about a review I wasn’t 100% certain of. To see the depression post that high was also surprising and I was gladdened by the comments that came from it. It was all appreciated. This has been a great month, let’s see if we can have another one with October.

Thanks as always for your support!


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