I’m Debating What To Podcast About… (9/2/2016)

So, the itch has returned. The itch to actually run a podcast again. So, let’s discuss that.

The last time I regularly podcasted was for TeknoCratik. I don’t regret any of the work I did with my friend Daniel. I think we had a pretty darn good time of it. But, things can be learned from that experience as to what to avoid in the future. We could have been more consistent with our releases but both Dan and I had weird schedules going on at the time. On my end, I had a criticism here or there talk about how dour/down I was. Which is not unfair. At the time, I was dealing with some pretty bad depression. It affected my overall mood quite severely that my radical mood change of late is more a return to my normal self. Not that the depression is gone but that it no longer hangs over me every day like some sort of evil cloud. But even so, I’ve had multiple people request I do some sort of radio/podcast/audiobook thing with my voice over the years. I have a YouTube series based on this idea in my head but it’s purely a concept right now. Yes, I’ve considered becoming a voice actor/book reader but I don’t personally feel like I have the range for it. In the meantime, a podcast is the next best thing to try out.

The question becomes: What do I podcast about?

Right now, I have an idea for a politically-based blog & podcast that would be entirely separate from A Paladin Without A Crusade. As many know, I can have some pretty epic rants on Facebook and Google+ about political subjects. I’ve put serious consideration into making those a lot more public with an accompanying audio version. The only stumbling block I’m running into is whether I should restrict myself to certain topics or simply fire from the hip. Or should I make it more of an investigation type podcast where I cover certain topics for the long term? I’m not sure, maybe all of these things, maybe only one. Suffice it to say, this project has a lot of interest for me.

I have considered a gaming podcast but I’m just not getting a very good idea in my head for it. Doing solo casts are tricky enough and I’m not interested in doing a gaming news discussion podcast when there are already so many of them that do a far better job than I could. Getting a co-host is particularly tricky as I’m not aware of anyone interested in doing one in my social circle right now. So, it’s not really grabbing me as an idea.

Other shows? Well, I’ve considered doing a radio DJ podcast featuring certain types of music every week. I think that’d be a lot of fun but the giant PITA with that idea is music copyright law and the different preferences of artists. Some may not be ok with being streamed as a podcast, others might demand money, I’m not really sure. I like the idea in theory, but in execution it could be quite messy especially since I’d want everything above board.

That’s what I’m contemplating right now. Any podcast topics you’d like me to cover? Leave me a comment.

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