A Paladin’s Update: The Schedule Moving Forward (Aug 2016).

It’s been a while since I’ve just conversed with my readers so, better late than never.

Things are finally settling down now. My job is going along nicely and I have my own place to live in (with a roommate). There’s still a ton of paperwork to get done, I have to move my drivers license over to North Carolina and register my car in this state. But I’m finishing up the play I’ve been volunteering for the past couple of months, I’ve moved and I’m starting to get a handle on what I can/can’t do on a weekly basis. Which lets me officially set a schedule for A Paladin Without A Crusade and what I’m going to be doing for the foreseeable future. This is still a work in progress and I will probably miss a few dates but I’m positive I can manage this workload. So, here’s what’s scheduled:

  1. Monday: Videogame Screenshot Post.
  2. Wednesday & Thursday: (Around 2pm EST) Streaming Blind Let’s Play: Dark Souls II on Hitbox.TV.
  3. Every Wednesday: A Paladin’s Review. Either “short” or long form.
  4. Friday: Personal post or issue relevant to videogames/technology.

About Screenshot Posts: I still love doing the screenshot series. I’m contemplating tweaking the format and/or a video version/slideshow but otherwise I’m going to keep doing it.

About the Blind Let’s Play: After Thursday’s successful DSII stream, I’m going ahead and making this a weekly thing. I’m aiming for 2pm EST because that let’s my friends in Europe watch it without being up at an ungodly hour. I know it’s not the most convenient for US viewers but I can’t stream on the weekends due to other obligations and my job. I want this to be consistent so I can build up an audience that knows it’ll be on then. So, this is the best I can do for now. I will be posting heavily edited videos on YouTube at a later date.

About Reviewing Schedule Change: The change of day is due to my current work schedule and that I have Wednesday/Thursday off. I can’t publish on the weekend after work due to other obligations and wanting to keep those evenings open.

As you may have noticed, weekly reviews are a thing again. I’m moving back to a weekly as I’m reasonably comfortable doing that with my current schedule. I’ve also loosened some of my personal expectations with how I write reviews and that’s helped my writing flow. My reviews on Doom and Serious Sam 3 were great despite my misgivings about them. There will be several more FPS reviews to finish out the month. This had been originally intentioned before going on my July break so I’m glad to be following through on that idea.

What I hope to do but am not promising at this time:

  • Strategy Series. This Probably Monthly idea is now going to be my focus to get worked on. I still have some work to do before I’m comfortable going forward but I’m going to devote time to it.
  • Random Witcher 3 Streams: Whenever I’m feeling up to it (and as soon as I verified I can stream W3), I’m going to do evening streams of The Witcher 3 for those in the US who want to watch. I’m not as worried about building an audience for Witcher 3 because there may be times where I want to play it on my own.
  • First impression videos. It’s been sitting in the back of my mind but it’s something I want to do. The problem I’m running into is that my CPU can’t handle DXtory and 1080p60FPS video right now. So, not sure how I’m going to work around it.
  • “Research” streams. Instead of doing first impressions I’m debating doing research streams randomly. This is not likely to happen without demand though.

So that’s that. I hope you guys enjoy the upcoming content! I’m really looking forward to it. If this seems crazy, it really isn’t. I’ve got it all pretty much figured out to be flexible without consuming too much of my time.


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