A Paladin’s Update: A Reaffirmation of My Goals For This Site.

I’ve been doing a lot of introspection these past several months and when I got upset over how A Paladin Without A Crusade was coming along, I decided it was time to reaffirm to myself and others what my objectives are for it. To that end, ads are the first thing to go.

The simple fact is that ads are poisoning my intentions with this website. They encourage the wrong priorities. It’s too easy to incentivize myself to create click-bait articles or push reviews up sooner just so I can “cash in” as it were. (haha yea no, those never work out I might add). This was never going to be an ad-driven project but for some reason I was trying to make it that way. As such, I’ve decided to remove all of the ads from the website forever. I guess if its any consolation to anyone including myself, I haven’t received any ad revenue. Not enough to justify a check anyway ;). This is going to be a personal or Patreon-driven project, as it was always intended. I started this website with the intention that if even one person got something out of it, that was worth it. This is simply too niche a project to be anything else and I can’t bear the thought of making it into something I don’t want it to be. I don’t mind that this is basically a giant time sink with little reward, I love it. My SMITE review feels like an awesome accomplishment and culmination of the past six years of work. Working on reviews like these is a glorious challenge that I want to keep working at it. I’m really proud of the work I’ve done.

To that end, the Patreon campaign’s goals have also been edited to reflect this. The ad-free goal is gone and now it’s simply better hosting for the first reward. The others are less certain due to costs and whatnot but that’s what I want for the website next. I still want to give people the chance to support this but I won’t mind if it never goes anywhere. But here are my goals:

Goals for A Paladin Without A Crusade:

  • To celebrate and encourage better videogames as well as a better Gaming Industry in general.
  • To continue writing multimedia reviews that I’m happy with and have fun making them, on my own schedule.
  • To eventually create a short-review/first impression series for games that don’t necessarily make the review chopping block but still deserve some sort of attention. The Steam/GOG series doesn’t count.
  • To highlight content creators who deserve getting a look.
  • To keep this a Personal/Patreon driven project and enjoy it the entire time.
  • To continue sharing my life in ways that are relevant to my readers and other causes I consider important.

So, that’s that. This really helped restore me and I want to get back to writing reviews. Thanks for continuing to support A Paladin Without A Crusade, even in your own way, because I do notice and appreciate it. Don’t worry about this affecting content, I think this will simply reinforce my desire to keep doing it.


P.S. Don’t be surprised if I start up other projects in addition to A Paladin Without A Crusade. There are a couple of good ones I’ve been sitting on that I want to try out sometime down the road. A Paladin though will always continue because it means a lot to me.

P.P.S.S.: Featured Blogger to the right now has a blogger you should check out!

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