Hey Paladin, What Gives?!

Yea, I kinda disappeared after that Patreon announcement didn’t I?

The truth of the matter is that I’ve been going non-stop on looking for apartments and being sociable. All of which is contributing to a difficult schedule along with the 40 hour work week. But that’s not the main reason I dropped off for a while. After the SMITE review, I looked at the games I had in the pipeline for review and my enthusiasm dropped like a rock. The next two games just weren’t sparking my writing like SMITE had. Which is more my fault than anything. But they were supposed to be intermediate reviews while I prepped for what was supposed to be an awesome month of August. Those plans are now on hold. Between that and still adjusting to a hectic schedule, I moved A Paladin off the plate for a while. I’m not done, I’m just a little overwhelmed.

Will I deny the complete lack of interest in my Patreon campaign stung a little? No. But I’m also not surprised. It’ll still keep going and maybe it’ll go somewhere at this point. It didn’t help that Google Adsense made me drop the ad at the top of the page due to violation of service. Basically, on mobile devices it was accidentally covering a button and Google makes that a big no-no. I’m debating what to do about it at this point.

At this point, I’m putting all of my focus and attention on moving to the new place. The ETA of that is maybe the middle of August? Kinda depends. I think getting that settled will let me put time and energy into this project. I’m not quitting writing or blogging. But taking a break for a while was probably a good idea anyway. It’ll let me recharge my batteries. I’m taking off the two games I had scheduled for review this month and when I come back, I’m going to do the next four games I had planned for August. Just maybe a little bit more spread out than originally intentioned. So, that’s where things are at.

Until next time…


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