A Paladin’s Update: June 2016 In Summary. I’m Starting My Own Patreon Campaign. I’m Probably Insane.


Little late on this update, but let’s talk.

It’s another typical muggy day here in North Carolina. I think I’m starting to adapt to the heat but there are days where I pine for the colder weather of Oregon. At least this place has A/C, I’m pretty sure that would make this weather entirely intolerable. I officially started working at the top of June and things are going rather well. I’m finished with training and am now working “on my own” as it were. I think I’m going to like it for the time being. It’s not the most exciting job but the co-workers seem nice enough and I don’t think there’ll be too much drama. Now, I just need a place to live and that’s currently consuming the majority of my free time.

Ok, ok, I’m delaying. Let’s talk about Patreon. 

Patreon Launch

A decision I’m sure many are going to be surprised by, I decided to launch my own casual Patreon campaign. I’ve been sitting on this idea ever since I launched the reboot of my review series. I decided ultimately that I was going to launch this campaign when I knew that A Paladin Without A Crusade was something I wanted to keep doing. That was in January when I made that decision, that I wanted to keep doing this. I still love it and consider it the best thing I’ve ever created. Even if it isn’t the most popular. However, life has been pretty crazy and my move to North Carolina threw some complications into the mix. But now, I’m settling into a job. I’m settling into a new life and I feel like there are possibilities that didn’t use to exist before. And if I never launch this, I’ll regret it. This is probably the “riskiest” thing I’ve done and maybe I shouldn’t even be asking. After all, this isn’t my “job”. I’m asking for money now and that changes the dynamics. But I’ve been doing this for six years and I’m curious if anyone else wants to help make this project better. Ultimately, I leave this up to you guys and if I get nothing for it, well, I’ll hear that loud and clear. I want to make one thing clear: no content for A Paladin will be exclusive to Patreon at any point. I don’t have time right now to do delays/exclusives like other YouTubers and bloggers. Content will continue to come at the pace that it has been. This is simply an easy and visible way to support me.

I’m keeping it simple, with simple goals and simple rewards. I may add more to it but I’m still really doubtful that this will became anything huge. Keeping everything simple means I’m focusing on creating content and not dealing with backer rewards. I must emphasize that this is entirely optional. You are free to ignore any of this and continue subbing to me on RSS/FB/G+. I will also keep the “adverts” for patreon to a minimum. Probably just a link on one of the sidebars and a mention about it at the bottom of every post.

Am I insane? Yea, probably. I probably haven’t thought this through as well as I could have and maybe there’s some blowback from this. I’m prepared to accept the potential consequences. Do I sound slightly paranoid? Yea, well, it’s a personality quirk that I analyze and then over analyze things like this. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be over it when I hit the publish button on this post. Any questions? Feel free to ask.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

The System Shock 2 series came to an end and I’m currently preparing to ramp up the next series when I’ve finished moving into my own place. Or at least settled on what the next place I’m going to be living in. June was kinda a meh month because I haven’t been able to adjust to a constantly changing schedule. But it wasn’t too bad either. Outside of the Patreon thing though, I don’t have anything to add about the blog in general.

Reviews Published Recently and Listed Based On Popularity:

Holy crap both SMITE and Miasmata reviews got double digit views within 48 hours of publishing. Maybe sooner, I wasn’t really paying attention to the stats like I normally do, due to being really busy. I’m really happy to see that. To see The Witcher 1, Talos and Rise also take the top five this month is also encouraging. Thanks for being awesome guys, this makes up for a not fantastic month like you wouldn’t believe ^_^.

I also have to say that the below photo is hilarious to me. And doesn’t deter me from creating more reviews like it. Yeah, just a notice guys but downvoting doesn’t equal discouragement. I do take feedback from it but I don’t think they were downvoting it because the review was awful.

Top Five Viewed Posts of The Previous Month:

Other Personal Items:

That’s about it right now. Please be gentle senpai x_x….


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