A Paladin’s Update: May 2016 In Summary. Settling Into My New Job and Life.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Things are starting to come together this month. About time. 

Personal Items:

The heat is here in North Carolina and I’m surviving it as best I can. But it’s so frakkin muggy. Anyway, time for a day-late update on how the blog is doing. But first, how I’m doing. I said I was going to get more exercise, more people networking and constant everyday job applications last month. Well, there’s no need for job applications anymore as I now have a job and I started training yesterday! Woohoo! I’m still going to be looking for jobs but at a drastically reduced pace. So far training has been going well but I’ve only had two days worth. Everything’s going pretty well so far.

Exercise, it’s kinda hit and miss. I’m trying to keep up with it but the transition with my job is going to upset things a bit. Up till the job I was doing a reasonably well job though. Haven’t done as much as arm lifting as I would have liked. Still considering bike rides. So, I could have done a better job here, not going to lie. I also haven’t been doing as much human networking as I would have liked this past month but I’ve at least found a cool group to hang out with while I get used to the job. At this point, I’m kinda holding off on additional regular meetups until I’ve moved into my new place. Though I’m contemplating looking for one-off meetups whenever my job schedule gets worked out.

Otherwise, things are going well. Every day is kind of crazy and balancing everything has been challenging. But I’m holding up.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Unsurprisingly May was a bit of a downer month in terms of total stats and posts published. Things kind of slipped while I dealt with the job. Though I’ve been working on reversing course and I managed to publish a couple of reviews regardless. I’ve also been doing a bunch of back-end things to help make my life easier. That’s coming along together splendidly. I’ve also been working on a review that I think a lot of people will like. So, keep your eyes open for that.

Additionally, my series on System Shock 2 is finishing up in June. Overall, I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out considering this was a streaming co-op project with Tobias, which was a first. It also happened during a pretty difficult time of my life so keeping an “upbeat/productive” attitude was difficult at the best of times. I definitely could have done better, no doubt about it. I could have kept the editing tighter, I could have done a better job editing, made sure quality was kept up, worked on audio problems, etc. But, it also helped me learn more about the LP process and getting used to Adobe Priemere. The next series is probably going to be a drastically different feel than System Shock 2 was. I’ve got some experiments to run before I commit to the idea I have but I’m looking forward to it. No current ETA right now but my hope is in the next month or two. No, I haven’t forgotten about the strategy series.

Reviews Published Recently and Listed Based On Popularity:

Hmm, I’ve had better months. I was actually kind of hoping The Oil Blue would do better than it had.

Top Five Viewed Posts of The Previous Month:



Interesting that Top Favorite games came back again as well as Dragon, Cancer. Not sure how I should feel about this list right now. Hm.

Well, until the next update. Thanks for reading and supporting as always!



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