What I’m Playing At The Moment (May 27th, 2016): The Witcher 3 and Several Rogue-Lites.


I’ve been a little quiet on here. Let’s fix that.

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve been working on getting settled in and figuring things out after I got my job. Things are progressing slowly on the job front but I should be starting soon. Hopefully. I’m not going to go into full much detail on every game I’ve played since I last spoke about them. But I’ve generally been doing quick plays of games that have been in my to-complete list for a while now. Generally the idea is that I figure out if I truly want to play it or if I need to simply move on. And I have so now I’m focusing on the games that I’m really intrigued by. And I’ve been transitioning back into my big rig for gaming rather than the cheap laptop I’ve had for the past month. Anyway, lets talk about what I’m playing right now. .

The Witcher 3 5_27_2016 9_45_13 AM.png

I love how detailed the armor is on the characters.

So I’ve started playing The Witcher 3 today. After figuring out what happened to my Witcher 2 saves and getting them imported into the game plus setting configurations, I’ve sunk about three and a half hours into it according to GOG Galaxy. Yeah, kinda think I’m going to be playing this for a while. I feel like this is the game I’ve been waiting for, hoping for after the first two Witchers. There’s….something about it that just feels right. It’s hard to describe right now and I may be massively off. But right now, it feels polished and the world genuinely excites me to explore it. A problem I’ve had with other RPGs like Fallout New Vegas. They simply don’t excite me to explore them. So, I’m playing it. I have no idea when you can expect to see a review of it but regardless of how this goes, there will be a review.


Let’s see, I’ve also put in a total of 30 hours in Darkest Dungeon. I really like the recent “everything burns” update that they put out. Now there’s Hamlet events that can change things up when you return from an escapade. There’s just something so utterly satisfying….and destroying….about this game when I play it. Last week I had a bunch of really terrible runs. Entire parties wiped out by bad luck. But at least last night I finally killed the Sodden Crew! (Down below)…that’s…progress at least.



Ever since I was pinged about Starward Rogue getting a massive update to its balance, I decided to hold off on playing the game until it was released. Well, it has been and I’ve run a few more runs since that update. It generally feels like the progression is a lot better and the variety of rooms is much higher than it was before. I’m still dying on normal difficulty more than I expect but honestly, I’m really blaming myself more than the game. I’ve never claimed to be good at twin-stick bullet hells like Starward. And well, the game is kicking my butt for it. Still, I’m keeping at it. I’m enjoying it, as much as one can at a game they suck at.

Hold the phone, I’ve also been playing Duskers too. I…I am really looking forward to sinking more time into this game. I think the command-line-interface typing and rogue-like combination with other game elements is going to make this a must play. I just wish I didn’t have so many rogue-lites to play right now! It’s insane trying to play them all. But this one holds a lot of promise for me in the first three hours I’ve played of it.

I’ve also been playing and finishing Superhot and Planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~. I have some thoughts on Superhot so there’s a reasonable chance of it getting a review. But I can see why people got really excited about it. As for planetarian, I’m less certain about its review future. It was a pretty decent anime visual novel though.

There should be a review tomorrow for a….”little known”…indie game. Hopefully you guys enjoy.

So, what games are you guys playing?



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