A Paladin’s Update: April 2016 In Summary. Thoughts on Moving.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

What a crazy month this has been. Let’s talk. 

Personal Items:

It’s a cooler day for North Carolina than normal. The sun’s peeking out of the clouds for a short bit. Felt like it was as good as any time to write an update on the blog and everything that’s going on. When I moved to NC, I promised myself I would make some pretty drastic changes to how I handle my life. More exercise, more people networking and constant, every day job applications. This is particularly important to combat my depression, which this among other things, has been helping combat. Even when doing said job applications sucks so much. Which it often does. But, I’m sick of doing it for two years straight with little reprieve. So, who can really be surprised about that? I’m powering through it and I’ve gotten two interviews lined up for last and this week. Which is pretty huge, I haven’t had an interview for probably eight months now. I’m really excited about the second one but I won’t say who I’ve gotten interviews for until later. I’m still applying to jobs despite this success and hopefully everything will work out well.

As far as exercising goes, I’m doing two things. One, I’m walking (hard) over hills at least three miles every day in the morning. Err, at least every day that I do exercise. Which so far has been five to six times a week. That’s been pretty good considering I’ve been really inconsistent in the past. My hope is to build up my strength until I can do the three miles comfortably and then push even harder. The second has been doing arm exercises with dumbells to build arm strength. This has been way less consistent but I’m trying to drive it home. I’m hoping to get a bike at some point and figure out a decent way of building upper body strength. Probably a gym membership….which is such a fun idea in my head. /sarcasm.

As far as adjusting to life in NC, it’s coming along pretty well. I mean, I haven’t been able to do too much as my entire focus has been on applying to jobs. But my friends here in NC have taken me along to their social groups every week so that’s been fun. Thanks you two, it’s appreciated. I want my desktop over here but I’m managing pretty well on this laptop. I’m really hoping this works out and if these two interviews are any indication, well, there’s some hope there.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

So yeah, this month was a bit of a stall but we can thank the move for that. I’m also not sure what to do about full reviews while I’m in this transition period. I can’t exactly take HD screenshots on a non-HD 1366×768 monitor display. As it is, it’ll probably just be Steam reviews for the time being. I dunno, I’m still thinking this over. For now, hoping to stabilize the flow of content for the month of May during all of this craziness.

Reviews Published Recently and Listed Based On Popularity:

Views were down this month but I’m not surprised. My content production was drastically down due to the whole move and adjusting to a new life out here. So, despite my best efforts, A Paladin didn’t have that much to read or enjoy. Still, I’m not phased by it. You Must Build A Boat didn’t get a ton of viewership but I’m not really surprised. This tracks with my expectations. Tribes: Ascend got a huge amount of views this month and I’m really happy with that.

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A lot of attention still on the #WTFU campaign. I’m hoping to craft a follow up to that post sometime this month but no promises. I’m happy to see that people cared about my move to North Carolina heh. Otherwise, I don’t really have any additional comments to add here. Thanks as always for the support!


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