What I’m Playing At The Moment (April 22, 2016): Darkest Dungeon and Starward Rogue.


It’s already been a week since I’ve arrived in North Carolina. Things are going reasonably well. I’m applying to jobs and getting as much work done as I can. I think I’m mostly adjusted to the time zone change. Though for some reason I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier despite not setting an alarm. I’m a little….weirded out about that. Anyway, so, yeah, thought I’d talk about what games I’ve been playing in my “off hours”.


So, I brought two laptops with me. A  Chromebook that’s getting a little bit old and a six year old Linux Mint laptop with an integrated graphics card. So, my choices in games are a little limited to say the least. But, not as limited as you might think. I’ve actually got 30 some games installed that I’m pretty sure will run on this laptop and that’s just from Steam. I’ve got a collection of GOG games I’ll probably get around to as well. The majority of Linux games I own that I can run are rogue-lites and strategy games as well as a few puzzle games. Of course, I’m restricted to these genres because they have much lower system requirements than first person shooters or open world titles like Saints Row. But, I have to say that I’m impressed with how well Linux support has come since Steam and GOG embraced it a couple of years back. It’s far from perfect and there are fairly big gaps in some genres but still, I’m impressed. Though I’m amused at how many rogue-like/lites there are on Linux. Speaking of rogue-lites, that’s what I’ve been playing for the past week.


Those games being Darkest Dungeon and Starward Rogue. I’ve sunk about 15 hours into Darkest Dungeon since I got here a week ago. I’m pretty hooked on this game right now. (For those that don’t know, Darkest Dungeon is a dark rogue-lite where you must manage resources and risk/reward). The atmosphere, the mechanics, the rises and pitfalls, mmm it’s just so good. It’s a treat to play for several hours after a long day of looking for work. There’s a pretty good chance it’ll be getting a review. The other game, Starward Rogue, is being picked back up after I got distracted by other titles. This combination of rogue-lite and SHMUP/Bullet hell mechanics makes for an interesting time. I’m still not sure what I think of this game and I’m really bad at it. I can barely manage to progress at “very easy” difficulty which is a really…really odd experience. I’m usually not this bad at videogames. Or maybe the game is more challenging than most? Nah, probably me being bad.

It looks like I’m going to be playing a lot of rogue-lites for the foreseeable future. Maybe even learn Dwarf Fortress if I can get out of Darkest Dungeon for a while. I’ve got it installed but I need to use some mods to make it a little more playable. I’m also looking at picking Tales of Maj’Eyal again as well as another run through of Transistor. I still miss SMITE/Paladins that I’ve been playing on a regular basis. As well as being able to play multiplayer titles because there really aren’t any that I can run on this laptop. Oh well, I’ll live.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Any titles you’re planning on playing this weekend?



  1. Hey, Misery here. If it helps, for Starward, it’s probably not a matter of being bad/good at it; right now there’s a massive balance issue in the game causing the difficulty progression to be literally backwards. Early levels of the game are the hardest, later levels are the easiest. Needless to say, not intended. Not to mention, a ton of rooms are broken. We’ve got fixes coming that are nearly ready to go; the balance will FINALLY be restored to what it’s supposed to be (it’s been a problem for quite awhile now) and I’ve fixed a ton of the broken rooms so that they should be much, much less frustrating. There were a ton of issues with enemy placement and selection in rooms… I should have been examining the blasted things as they were submitted by people. Either way, qe’ve been focused on these two things for awhile now and I have to say, it’s looking really good right now. One of us will announce on the forums when the change goes live… hopefully, that’ll help!

    • Ok, I’m glad to hear it’s going to be fixed in the near future. It’s pretty funny that the difficulty is backwards but no harm, no foul.

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