Moving from AT&T to T-Mobile and Preparations for my Move to North Carolina.

Just a little post about how preparations for the move to NC are going.


No, I’m not actually flying on one of these planes but needed some sort of cover image and this seemed appropriate. I shouldn’t be surprised such a plane exists. Speaking of actually flying, I’m not nervous about the trip itself. Outside of any potential bs with the TSA. I’ve never had problems with them before and I’ve worked extra hard at avoiding any problems with them on the few past trips I’ve done. But it’s always a concern. Most of the packing is done now. What remains are some loose odds and ends that I need to figure out. We’re still debating on how the permanent move is going to work out but I’ve gotten quotes from moving companies so I at least know a price for what it’ll all cost. I don’t think this will be decided until I get a job.


I moved from AT&T to T-Mobile this week, finally. It’s been long overdue that I finally get away from the carrier. I’ve had far too many years of being forced to deal with AT&T’s nonsense and being locked to contracts with them. After doing a ton of research, I settled (temporarily) on T-Mobile for having the best features for the cheapest price. Whether I remain with T-Mobile is up in the air. And hey, because I’m no longer locked into a contract I can move freely! It’s a nice feeling. But for now, it’s what I’m going with. I was extremely tempted to go with Google Fi but the initial cost of $500 for a Nexus 6P or $400 for a Nexus 5 just isn’t in the cards when you’re about to make a very costly move to NC. So, I’m sticking with the M8 I’ve owned for a couple of years now. I refuse to go under contract again with electronic devices. I’m going to buy them outright so I never have to deal with that nonsense again because of what happened with my move from AT&T.

There, of course, had to be a problem. My HTC M8 was still locked to AT&T when I moved to T-Mobile and I had forgotten I needed a code from AT&T. Yeah, I know it was a pretty dumb thing to forget about. But I had. So, I tried filling out AT&T’s form to request a code from them. What I’m not telling you about are the calls and personal visit I made to an AT&T store in order to get this fixed. They were…not particularly helpful. So, I waited a day for the code to come in and nothing happened. I checked my request out and AT&T’s website said that the request didn’t exist. After spending 2.5 hours on the phone with their customer service, we finally figured out that I had replaced the phone several months after the first one and the IMEI (phone identity) had never been updated on AT&T’s end. Why did the activation get screwed up? I don’t know, but it was AT&T’s fault. So we had to move the line from T-Mobile, do the update, unlock the phone and then move the line back to T-Mobile after all that ridiculousness was over with. That had been one long day. Trust me, several AT&T and a few T-Mobile employees are well aware of my frustration with the whole process. Unfortunately, it’s not them who should have to deal with my wrath. It really should be the people who made this whole locking decision in the first place or the ones who screwed up the activation process with AT&T. So, sorry you guys had to deal with one frustrated Oregonian. I did manage to keep my anger in check, I didn’t go on a ranting spree at any of them. Burning an entire morning and afternoon on what should have been a simple process was trying, especially during a move like this. I’m not going to sit here and lie about it. And I probably would have been justified at having a rant at one of them. But they aren’t the ones who should have to deal with such things. Working in customer service for all of these years….well, let’s just say I’m far too aware of being yelled at by frustrated customers. I will give the AT&T employee on the phone kudos, she stuck with me for the entire 2.5 hour call and worked it out. That couldn’t have been easy to deal with and congrats to her for doing her job professionally.

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I’m currently playing Saints Row IV and Saints Row Gat out of Hell whenever I need to blow off some steam from moving preparations. (Which I definitely needed after that AT&T debacle). The last time I made this big a move was returning home to Tillamook from Eugene and UofO. The funny part is that I was playing Saints Row III back then. I’m not sure what it is about that series and moving but I seem to gravitate towards it when I do. I don’t really plan on reviewing this series. I mean, they’re mostly just silly games about wanton violence in a giant sandbox while having super powers and memes/jokes abound. They don’t exactly have the deepest mechanics and the gameplay has gotten a bit stale due to the deluge of sandboxes in recent years. But, for me, it’s something mindless that I can play just for the hell of it. (Pun not intended). I’ll keep playing these until I get bored or move. Until then, mindless popcorn entertainment is mindless.

That’s it for now. Reviews are on a short hiatus while I deal with this move to NC. Expect the next one around April 23rd. Until then, thanks for the support as always.


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