A Paladin’s Update: March 2016 In Summary. I’m Moving Soon. I think that’s Enough To Get Your Attention.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Attention-grabbing headline for the win but it’s true: I’m moving. 

We’re currently experiencing a “heat” wave in Oregon after months of off-and-on rain. A heat wave here though is in the mid 70s and lots of sun. So, some would probably scoff that. But hey, we don’t have air conditioners for this crap. Anyway. I’m moving. Moving to North Carolina on the 13th of April. I’m taking a plane and scouting for at least a couple of months for work. If/when things go well, I’ll make it a more permanent move. Why?

Mostly, I’m doing this to move on. I’ve been told I need to make a drastic change in my life. Well, moving to the other side of the United States seems drastic enough. Why there? Because I have a good friend there who is willing to put up with me for a couple of months while I search for a job and the area is apparently technology-rich for jobs. Yea, still trying that IT/helpdesk route. Also, because I kind of want to experience a new area for a while. I’ve lived in Oregon my entire life. I lived in Tillamook for ~20 years, Eugene for a couple and now Cornelius/Portland for a couple. I’m slightly curious how things are out East. It’s time to move out of my comfort zone and see if I can make it. I’d be lying if this all didn’t make me just a little bit nervous/excited. Ok, maybe very nervous. But after buying the plane ticket, I still don’t have any regrets on this decision. This is an incredibly big move for me. And yeah, I’m aware that there’s going to be culture shock, weather shock, etc. It wouldn’t be the first time for me though.

I wouldn’t say I leave with no regrets. I’m leaving some new found friends behind and my family. That bums me out as I write this up. I’ve said before that I’ll never move back to Tillamook but I’m not opposed to returning to Portland, OR someday. I kinda hope that I do. But for now, I’m looking forward, for the first time and seeing some real possibilities for myself. There’s a really big conversation I want to have about my perspectives and thoughts about myself but I’m extremely hesitant to talk about them in this post. Maybe at another time. Right now, I’m in the middle of packing and deciding what’s going with me. I’ve been making calls to insurance stuff, changing my phone’s carrier and cutting my budget down as much as I possibly can. It’s a pretty involved process but it’s been going rather smoothly.

When I do move out to NC in a few weeks, my entire focus is going to be around 1) Finding a job full time, 2) Continuing A Paladin Without A Crusade and 3)Well, building up a warchest and paying off my student loans. Then, we’ll see where things go from there. It’s all kind of crazy…

A Paladin Without A Crusade

As far as how this move is going to affect the blog, well, I’m not 100% certain. But largely, it should continue to get regular content. I’m not taking my gaming rig until I’ve secured a job. So, things like the screenshot series will run until I run out of content. You don’t want to see screenshots from a laptop, they aren’t as impressive. I’m taking an older Linux laptop with an integrated graphics card. So, my access to games is limited to the crapton of Roguelikes that are available on that OS and some others. Who knows, maybe I’ll just be doing months of reviewing them. I’ll manage. Not having access to SMITE or Paladins for a couple of months is really going to bug me though. I’ve also had to delay my start of the Witcher 3 which is perhaps the most upsetting thing about this. Heh. You’re probably going to see a lot more casual blogging as well since I’ll be unable to do much else. I’m hoping to stick with the bi-weekly review process but I’m changing around which games I had been planning on doing in April. Also, there will be a schedule interruption until I’m temporarily settled. Still, I think out of everything I’m involved in, this should be affected the least thanks to how portable this blog is.

I’m working on finishing the editing process for the last episodes of System Shock 2 before I leave. I’ll have those ready to go so I can upload them while I’m out in NC. Obviously new series and streams will be delayed while I get settled in my new area. Strategy series too. I just want to thank everyone for continuing to support the blog, it means a lot and this month has been especially good to me. So, really, thank you.

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The Talos Principle is the most popular review I’ve done in a long time. It broke triple digit views within a couple of weeks of release and that was really surprising. I’m glad to see such a positive response to it. Tribes: Ascend is a bit of a slow burner so I don’t see that getting a lot of attention but was one of my favorite reviews to do in a long time. Though The Talos Principle was as well. I’m really happy with how all of these turned out and I’m glad to see continued positive and growing reception to all of them. Thank you, everyone.

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All of this makes me so happy, you have no idea. Although what Top favorite games is still doing in this list I have no idea but whatever. The #WTFU post is here, the conversation about LPing Dragon Cancer, Talos Principle review, it’s great to see all of these here. Frozen Cortex for some strange reason made a resurgence. It’s also been getting some upvote/downvotes on the Steam edition. But yeah, I couldn’t be happier with how things have been moving.

TLW Tech Services:

Well, this pretty much means that TLW Tech is going to be frozen for the forseeable future. Not that this is any sort of surprise after my big long post on the subject. I’m not getting rid of the name or “assets” but maybe sometime down the road this will be completely reformed into something else. I’m contemplating website design services right now…

Other Personal Items:

That’s really about it. I don’t really have anything more to add after that whole moving now announcement. Thanks as always for reading and until next time…


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