A Paladin & Game Wisdom: Discussing AAA Early Access and Fig Crowdfunding.


I guested in Game Wisdom’s latest podcast.

Podcast can be listened to here: AAA Early Access and Game-Wisdom’s Growth. Game-Wisdom also has a Patreon that you should consider supporting.

Listen to prior casts with us here.

Joining Game-Wisdom is James Ellerby whose going to assist Josh in making the site better. In this podcast, the center topic is on the recent rise of so-called AAA early access games that have been coming out lately including Street Fighter 5, Star Wars: Battlefront and Mortal Kombat X. I get the rare pleasure of hearing a perspective from James who is invested in the fighting community. It was great to talk about how these business model decisions affect those within it, not just those who play casually. We also discuss the Fig “Kickstarter-esque” website and how Rockband and a few others have used the website to…questionable degrees. We also discussed what games we were playing at the time (I was finishing up The Talos Principle). There was also some talk about Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

It was a great cast and I’m glad to be doing these every so often. So thank you to Josh for allowing me back to guest in your podcast. I hope you guys enjoy us talking about these subjects as well.

Thanks for listening.


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