Where’s the Fair Use? #WTFU by A Paladin Without A Crusade

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Well YouTube? Where is it?

This all started with the Nostalgia Critic aka Doug Walker posting a 20 minute video as an opening conversation with YouTube. YouTube’s Copyright Content ID system has seen a growing and spreading range of abuse among medium to small channels. With some summarily deleted from the Internet without any defense from the creator themselves even when they were following the law. It has gotten so bad that videos that even say the word of a big movie (without any images or videos related to that movie) will get tagged. Others have been taken down by false reports of SPAM. Doug summarizes the whole situation the best and even has other channels directly affected by it put their own 2 cents in. As for myself, my channel got multiple copyright claims against it even though all of the music and gameplay has been authorized by the game developers and musicians. It has stopped recently, for whatever unknown reason, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again when I move on from my series on System Shock 2.

Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to be the only one. I just wish it were more people talking about, but I’m going to link the rest that have talked about it down below that I follow.

And I’m heartened to see that other creators are speaking out against this. (These two aren’t the only ones but they’re the only ones I’ve watched about this issue so far). Boogie2988’s video had actually reminded me that another creator, Jim Sterling, had talked about YouTube starting a program to protect their creators from abusers of the copyright system:

But three months later and the abuse of their copyright system has only gotten worse, not better. Channels being taken down or features removed, money being stolen and their livelihoods threatened. Our right to freedom of speech constantly violated by giant corporations. Yea, I went there. But at this point, there’s no sugar coating this. YouTube should be standing up for the people that made it who it is and what it continues to be. Instead, they seem to be sitting on their hands and doing not even the least amount of work to protect them. Fair Use is legal but it has no protection on YouTube. But we sure as heck protect copyright law with a vengeance.

Then, there’s all of these other channels that suffer through it. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. While not directly related to the #WTFU movement, they show just how widespread this problem has become.

An entire channel that I followed has been taken down over this abuse and I was planning on linking his video about his troubles here. But I can’t because it’s gone. I’m sure he’s not the only one missing from YouTube either. If this ever comes back up, yay. Still, this guy did everything legally and got punished for it.


Where’s the Fair Use YouTube? When will you finally start protecting those that help your site succeed? You’ve made the first step with a protection program that protects some smaller channels. But now, it’s time to talk about what your plans are and get serious about the widespread abuse of copyright claims and strikes on your website.

Even then, it’s time our politicians got serious about overhauling the copyright and trademark laws that have plagued this country and the world at large. It’s time to stamp down on copyright abusers once and for all and write a law for the 21st century and beyond. Because this nonsense has gone on long enough.


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