A Paladin’s Update: January 2016 In Summary. Getting Back to Work.

Well, a month has come and gone in 2016. Let’s talk about it. 

I’m currently up in Astoria, OR working a job and recovering from a cold. It’s a job of washing bridges. Which has been going pretty ok, it’d just be nice if I wasn’t sick. Figures that I’d catch a cold for my first “real” job in a while. I’ve been playing The Banner Saga for a little while. Unfortunately the combat is awful. No advanced tactics, odd HP/Armor system where HP is tied to attack power. Each battle is basically one giant stamina attrition grind as you hope to defeat everyone before you get defeated. Sure, the visuals are nice and the story is….different. But, when half the game revolves around combat, it gets tiresome to grind through. I’ve quit playing it for the time being. Finished The Beginner’s Guide and I have some interesting thoughts on it. Been taking a break from SMITE while the game gets updated to Season 3’s new items and changes so Paladins and Left For Dead 2 have oddly been making up for the gap. 

A Paladin Without A Crusade

I’ve had a pretty interesting month. Two week vacation was definitely needed but it kind of took the sails out of me. So did other stuff that happened after my review of Hexcells but I’m not going to talk about what it was. Maybe another day. Mostly, I’ve just been getting the creative engine up and running again. So, there’s really not much to talk about. I have been enjoying the bi-weekly review schedule because it’s given me a lot more flexibility in releasing these reviews.

Reviews Published This Month and Listed Based On Popularity:

  1. Hexcells, Plus & Infinite. Cheesing in the Cells
  2. Rise: Battle Lines. There’s Something Lacking in these Battle Lines.

I may have to do something different here now that I’m probably only going to publish a couple of reviews per month. Something to think on. 2016 was off to a bit of a rough start personally for reviews. (Views were consistent though, nice!) Hexcells was a bit of a complete flip/flop. I had originally not recommended it due to the ability to simply brute force the puzzles. But a friend pointed out that my issue with it was not unoriginal to puzzle games and not worth the anti-recommendation. And he was right. I had forgotten about some puzzle games that can be “cheated” if the player wants to. Most of the writing stayed the same so I’m not too irritated with how that turned out. Rise: Battle Lines was a month in the making and I was uncertain about it when initially published. But, I feel better about it now after having some time to think on it. After this uncertain month with these reviews and the vacation time, I’ve been feeling pretty uncertain about my ability to write reviews but that seems to have passed and I’m back in the groove of it all.

Top five viewed posts from the past month:

  1. A Paladin’s Top Favorite Games of 2015
  2. A Paladin’s Top/Skipped/Ignored Games of 2015
  3. A Paladin’s Top Disappointing or Worst Games of 2015
  4. A Paladin’s Review: Grey Goo. I Review So That Others May Play Good Games.
  5. A Paladin’s Review: Huniepop.

Huniepop just refuses to leave this list. My overlook of 2015 update post is only a couple of views underneath it so I don’t feel too badly about that. Grey Goo made one hell of a resurgence to #4. I’m not surprised that the Top Lists are holding strong considering I took a few weeks off to get a much needed break. They will very likely be dropping off next month. I can’t complain.

Other Personal Items:

Outside of getting some work again, this month has really been uneventful on the personal front. I mean sure, things happen but nothing worth much note here that I can recall. Depression took some whacks at me but I’m doing ok. Every time I think “oh, I’m passed it, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore” it sneaks up from behind and I get a couple of days of it. It’s not particularly fun but that’s why I’ve got a support network for it when it does.

Oh and System Shock 2 will be getting back to my perspective soon. It’s just that the audio is fracked and the video is slightly off center. It’s very slightly off center though so I’ll just recent it and hope no one notices it. Outside of those that read this. The audio balance is off and unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it. That’s the problem with streaming. None of the software gives you multiple audio streams that you can edit later on. So, I’m stuck with it. I can at least make it painless to listen to. It’s just that Managarmr is going to be quieter. Oh well, mistakes were made. I will definitely avoid any of these problems with future projects. I hope.


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