A Paladin & Game Wisdom: Discussing Season Passes and the Kickoff of 2016


Kicking off the new year, Game Wisdom graciously allows me back to guest on his podcast.

Discussing Season Passes and the kickoff of 2016 <- Link to podcast on Game Wisdom’s site. Josh Brycer also has a Patreon if you’re interested in supporting a website that focuses on game design.

We talked about we’re looking forward to in 2016. Also talked about Blizzard & Starcraft 2 and RTS game design in general terms. Probably something I want to do as its own episode but this will have to do for now. Also talked about what games we’re tackling right now (He’s taking on Hand of Fate & Undertale, I’m taking on The Talos Principle and The Oil Blue, among others). We also talked about the puzzle design in The Talos Principle and The Swapper.

Our major topic was on Season Passes and how developers have been implementing them in recent years. The topic included how devs market and execute them, what our thoughts on their possible future is and what’s being done right (though spoilers: not all that much). We mostly talked about Batman: Arkham Origins & Knight, XCOM 2 and Star Wars Battlefront season passes. But we also covered The Witcher 3’s and other devs who are clearly distancing themselves from season passes in general. It was a great podcast to do and I’m sure we’ll be doing more as the year goes on.

My previous guesting on his podcast: A Matter of Microtransactions.

Thanks for listening!


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