A Paladin’s Update: Vacation is Over & SMITE World Championship


Hey, just writing an update post that my little vacation from the blog is over today. As noted in my last post, December was an intense month and I wanted to catch up on some other work after doing all of that. That’s been done and my mental batteries are recharged. Funny enough, I did want this vacation to end sooner. It was hard not doing work on the next reviews. Anyway, expect a bit of a slow build up as I get work done over the next couple of weeks. I’ve got a review scheduled and will be scheduling the following ones this week. The next two will be relatively light as I experiment with the new bi-weekly schedule. There’s work to be done, I’ll be busy this month.

Oh and maybe you want to watch the SMITE World Championship today. There’s been some great matches (especially yesterday) and it’s been fun to watch.

Also available on Twitch.tv:


Alright, that’s enough unpaid advertising from me. Let’s get this year going.


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