Merry Christmas from A Paladin Without A Crusade Plus A Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Review.

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Merry Christmas!


I’ve never been happier with how this website has turned out than I have this year. Everything (mostly) came together and things have just been great. This month in particular I’ve been on fire. So, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year before I head to my family’s get together. The final review of the year was supposed to come this weekend but I think it’ll be delayed a few days. It’s simply not done and I’m not going to be at my main computer to get it done. So I’m going to try but there’s 50/50 chance it’ll get finished. Finally, there’s a year-in-review post coming around New Years. A Paladin’s Favorite games is also coming soon. So, thanks for the support as always! You people are awesome. Here’s my present to all of you, my full review of Star Wars VII.

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Review (Spoiler Free)

2015-12-16-1450300622-8118374-Star_Wars.pngSo I’ve seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice now in theaters. That’s not something I do all that often. It costs too much time and money. But, I did with The Force Awakens and I don’t regret it. This is a true return to form for the Star Wars series. The spirit of what Star Wars was built upon is there. There’s no mention of midichlorians or heavy duty politics that few could care less about. The action is high powered and biting to watch but still kept mostly in reality. (Well, mostly. This is Star Wars). The lightsaber fights are people staying on the ground dishing it out without the flips, jumps and weird stunts that were heavily prevalent in the Prequel trilogy. Which funnily enough works a lot more effectively than you would think. The heart is there the entire time. This is supposed to be a fantastical Sci-Fi adventure set in a Galaxy long, long ago. It’s supposed to be engaging. Something I think the prequels largely forgot about except in brief instances. It’s clear that this crew didn’t forget about that and it was a treat to experience. The Humor is on point. I haven’t laughed this many times in a theater for a long time. The jokes were just on point and it wasn’t awkward at all like the Prequel trilogy was.

It’s really quite difficult to talk about certain aspects of this movie that I do think are important without spoiling it. But, I will say this. I’m really curious to see where they take Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren in the next movie. Rey and Finn really took me by surprise as characters in this movie. I think in terms of how Star Wars used to operate, they will be great additions to the universe. They’ve also certainly set up the next movie to take a very interesting direction, similar to The Empire Strikes Back. I think Kylo Ren may be on the shakiest of ground in comparison to the rest but I have two thoughts: 1) It seems appropriate to his character and the inner conflict he’s dealing with and 2) I don’t think anyone could have lived up to a comparison with Darth Vader. So, if you go into the movie comparing him to that guy, it won’t matter what he does. 

After JJ Abrams and crew completely destroyed Star Trek Into Darkness, I was extremely skeptical that JJ could even do a Star Wars film. I have serious grevances with that movie. On the level that maybe I should see a movie counselor I’m so angry about it, hahaha. I’m glad to be proven wrong about JJ in this case. (Though it does make me mad because it proves that JJ can be a good director). I suspect Star Trek Into Darkness is a case where the writers simply botched the entire project and JJ just didn’t care enough to make it better. And while JJ won’t be directing Star Wars VIII, I think he did a great introduction for this generation of Star Wars viewers.

There are some plot holes that I did notice in my viewings. They won’t ruin the movie but they do make me gripe a little bit. The character progression is great. We get a lot of good character moments out of everyone (that’s relevant to this story anyway). The movie’s pace is on point making sure to balance action with slow moments to keep it from being too frantic. The plot overall isn’t 100% original. You can certainly make comparisons to how the movie plays out similarly to some of the original trilogy and they wouldn’t be unfair. It’s probably why this won’t be my movie of the year. It’s rather unfortunate they couldn’t make it slightly more original but I’ll take a fun movie over….well….Little Annie. I’m hoping this unoriginal plot won’t be the case in the sequel.

Go and see The Force Awakens if you haven’t already. I don’t think it’ll be my movie of the year but it’s still a lot of fun.

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