A Paladin’s Buyer Guide for Steam’s Winter 2015 Sale.

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It’s Winter Time. Let’s do some shopping.

Due to Steam no longer doing Flash or Daily deals, this will be a one time post featuring the top 5 games of a certain genre you should check out. Another reminder is that The Humble Bundle Store is holding their sale for a few more days so there might be a better sale over there. Also, I do have my curation page if you want to see each and every game I recommend (or sometimes don’t). 

For the most part, I would rate this sale as being pretty ok. There’s no meta game really and the sales are rather conservative. But, there are some games that discounted themselves pretty well that you should consider.

A Paladin’s Top Recommended:

These are all titles I have reviewed in the past that have the best deals this sale.

  • Before the Echo: At 80% off, there’s pretty much no reason not to even look at this title. A great mix of RPG and Rhythm mechanics with a somewhat interesting story to enjoy.
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. An atmospheric point & click game that explores a pixelart world. It’s a rather interesting game that originally started on mobile. Worth checking out though for a mere couple of bucks.
  • Portal 1 & 2. For those few people out there, the Portal series is on yet another deep discount. I don’t think I need to say more, get this game if you’re at all interested in puzzle games with a first person sci-fi perspective.
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. One of my more favorite metroidvania titles recently. Pretty darn good discount as well.
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. This 3rd person hack and slash action game is one of the prettiest and amusing post-apocalyptic adventures I’ve had this year. Andy Serkis’ performance was the original reason I put my foot in the door but there’s more to it than just him.
  • Skydrift. Beautiful, chaotic and so much fun. Can be described as a cheaper version of Mario Kart except with planes and beautiful vistas. The game isn’t being supported anymore but multiplayer does work now so that’s something.
  • The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Mystery and atmosphere combine to create a compelling game that kept me on the edge of my seat. One of my favorite thriller titles.

Sci-Fi Titles:

Sci-Fi based titles that are worth considering today. Some I’ve played, some that have never had this good a sale before.

  • Rebel Galaxy. Unfortunately, this is not the best sale that Rebel Galaxy has had. GOG had it 50% off during their Winter sale. But, for the asking price there seems to be a ton of content to enjoy. Fly around in your spaceship in a galaxy with few rules. Yes, you can only fly on a level plane, there’s no 3D movement found in other space games. But I think the combat system more than makes up for this restriction. Play as an outlaw or law bringer in this galaxy that’s looking to end your flight.
  • Waking Mars. One of my favorites. Sci-Fi game about two astronauts exploring the mysteries of Mars. It’s all about exploration and puzzle solving, no violence whatsoever but it is so much fun.
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown & Enemy Within. A game I’m planning on returning to this next year. This game about surviving an invading alien force is a welcome reboot to a cherished PC series. The future is looking bright too as XCOM 2 is coming out soon. Pick up Enemy Within for expanded content and ways to deal with the invaders.
  • Transistor. A game about trying to survive a project that has gone horribly wrong in a digital world. Story is a little bit bizarre and so is the combat. But at 80% off, I can definitely recommend it.
  • The Talos Principle. Kind of like Portal but it’s own unique entity. Solve puzzles while exploring a digital world as a robot. At 75% off, worth checking out. I’ve been playing it and enjoying it so far but some of these puzzles can be tricky to figure out.

RPG Titles:

These are RPGs that have a great sale worth looking at today. I have played most of them or intend to play them at some point down the line.

  • The Witcher 1-3. While I have a lot of conflicted feelings over 1 & 2, there’s no denying that they go on sale for ridiculously cheap prices. Just keep in mind that Witcher 1 is the roughest entry in the bunch and 2’s combat can be a little bit irritating at times. I haven’t touched Witcher 3, yet.
  • Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. At 62% off, this is the cheapest this Game of the Year edition of Dark Souls II has ever been at on Steam. It’s a different flavor of the Dark Souls game but keeps its challenging edge with a much more refined PC port this time around.
  • Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition. A very good RPG that started a firestorm in the RPG genre. Deep combat system and great open world to explore. It’s definitely challenging. It’s got twitches and glitches that have mostly been modded out. Been planning on reviewing this sometime in 2016.
  • Breath of Death VII & Cthulhu Saves the World. jRPG inspired titles. I have extremely conflicted feelings about them but the comedy and references to previous entries in the genre are top notch. At 50 cents, there’s no reason not to get them.
  • Undertale. Just picked this up and it’s been getting a crazy amount of love from reviewers, so I’m curious to see how I find it.

Strategy Titles:

Same as before, some that I’ve played and some that are on my to-do list.

  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. Bar none one of the most fantastic RTS games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing. At 80% off, that is a STEAL to get this game at that price. I recommend installing the Forged Alliance Forever mod because it makes matchmaking and unit balance better than ever.
  • Skyward Collapse. A criminally underplayed strategy title from Arcen. You play as God in a war between two factions who have their own free will. It’s been described as playing chess against yourself as you try to keep both factions from outright annihilating each other. $1.24 is an absolutely ridiculous for a sale.
  • AI War: Fleet Command. I really need to review this game. One of the best RTS genre mixers on Steam. It has a crazy amount of post-release support and ways to play.
  • Homeworld: Remastered Collection. I am blown away that Gearbox somehow didn’t screw this up. Or that they’re going to treat this series right. At least, that seems to be what’s happening. At 65% off, I think you’re just fine picking it up.
  • This War of Mine. Point and Click survival game about a group of civilians trying to survive in the middle of a civil war. I never got around to reviewing it but the 66% discount should be more than good enough for most.

Animated Titles:

This includes both American and Japanese animated titles that I’ve played in the past.

  • Dust: An Elysian Tail. A title that rejuvenated my love of PC gaming again. This sale is, as always, completely ridiculous. Play as Dust with a highly responsive combat system in a Metroidvania that had lots of love poured into it.
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. An Activision game I don’t dislike. Depicts the events before the autobots and decepticons left their homeworld and has plenty of action and enjoyment.
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. One of my favorite games of all time. Follow the adventures of two brothers as they traverse a world to get a cure for their dad. The unique control scheme is its biggest selling point. It’s only a couple of dollars, it’s well worth it.
  • The Banner Saga. Been playing this one off and on for the past month and my feelings are pretty conflicted. But the discount is probably good enough for most.
  • Huniepop. A game that shouldn’t be this good. It’s a well crafted dating sim and tactical match-three puzzle game. Yes, it’s got sexual content but even if you have no interest in that, there’s a very well built game here to enjoy.

Those are the most notable sales I could find. If there’s demand for it, I can keep looking after Christmas and post another recommended guide for other genres or other games in this genre. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any feedback for this series.


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