Star Trek Beyond: Angry -Thoughts- Rant on Trailer and Minor Update on Upcoming December Posts.


The new trailer for Star Trek Beyond is out. I’m mad, madder than I ever thought I could be about the new Star Trek series. Read after the jump.

First, watch the trailer.

It’s Dead Jim.

I mean, wow. This is just the first trailer and I will acknowledge that 2mins of film does NOT show us everything. But this is fantastically stupid even for this series and its trailers. Apparently Star Trek Beyond wants to become an even worse Into Darkness film. Yay!!!!! And yes, before we get into what is basically a rant: I hate Into Darkness. Everything about it is what is bad, the characters, motivations and plot is just awful even if we ignore the history of Trek. I actually think the first film (2009) is a decent reboot of the series but Into Darkness is anything but. It was a clear indication that the people working on Star Trek don’t know what Star Trek actually is. And this trailer cements it even further.

Yes, I’m ranting and venting. This is probably left over from my feelings of Into Darkness but Beyond does nothing to make me any happier with the direction this series is taking. We should now be having movies on serious topics by this point even if there’s a lot of bombast and explosions. It’s what happened in the previous Star Treks. But Beyond doesn’t even acknowledge its own title. It goes anywhere but beyond what has come before by the look of things.

What even is this!? What even is that trailer?! That music has no place in the film. Oh and the ship blew up. No big deal. That’s just a regular occurrence for the series. We blew up ships left right and center like they were cars. Except, wait, no we didn’t. We didn’t treat thousands of peoples’ deaths with such irreverence. Period. End of story. What even is this?! Fast and Furious in Space? Are you guys even listening to the complaints of the last entry? No, of course you’re not. Into Darkness was a box office hit so why even listen to the complaints of a broken plot, broken characters and a broken film. It made money. So, let’s just do it again. Except up the stakes by needlessly blowing up the ship like its a side plot.

This is….I have no words to describe the exact feeling I have when I see this trailer. Of course, why am I even surprised at this point. Into Darkness showed us clearly what the producers and directors think of this franchise. Here’s Beyond to sink this franchise into the depths of the planet core. The music is gone. The visual spectacle has removed any trace of being a Star Trek film in favor of yet another nonsense action piece of crap. As if we don’t get ENOUGH of those in a year. I don’t think I’m even going to see this because I will probably spend the entire time at the theater yelling at the screen and well, people for some odd reason don’t like that.

Look. I’m not wanting a full return to the Star Trek of old and I know that the films were generally more action packed than the TV series. But even the movies still remembered that they were Star Trek. Even Nemesis and The Final Frontier remembered they were Star Trek films, even if they were bad movies. But Beyond doesn’t even have a trace of the spirit or ideals of Star Trek. Not even hinted at, not even acknowledged. At all. It’s just a bunch of space things happening for space reasons so we can make our big special effects budget action film. The sad part is? Star Wars: The Force Awakens had more of the spirit of Star Wars in the first teaser than this film looks to have in the full 2.5 hour run time it no doubt has. So why is it JJ Abrams that you can insert that much of the Star Wars spirit in Star Wars but can’t even do it in Star Trek? Star Trek is better than this! Has always had that potential to be better! Why aren’t we even at least trying?! I had my doubts when they announced the new director who’s done work on the Fast and Furious series but this basically sealed the deal. This trailer. I didn’t want the bar to be lower than it had been before but this movie seems to be setting out to do just that. I am…..stunned. And yet I shouldn’t be. Because I saw this in Into Darkness.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Alright, back to A Paladin Without A Crusade thoughts. It’s the big deep breath as I prepare to finish the year out on a bang. I’ve gotten a ton of work done on the final review of the year (I’m loving it I might add) and I’ve locked in the next to last game to be done as well. I’ve got three other big posts coming down the pipe. My Top Favorite Games, My Top Disappointing Games and My Top Skipped Games of 2015. Skipped games is a new type of post, in response to feedback from last year’s Top Disappointing games and I think people will like the change. I like doing these every year even if they are silly and subjective as hell. As for whether I’ll be doing Steam Sales series, I dunno. The recent changes to Steam sales may mean I do a modified series or something else entirely. I’m waiting to see what Valve does. Other than that, things are going really well.

Hope everyone has a good day. I hope I will too….I mean, I’ll cool down…sooner or later…..*sighs*


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