A Paladin’s SMITE: Scrublord League Conquest Night Report for December 4th, 2015.


A long time since I had one of these.

Yup, after another long hiatus, I’ve return to doing League Conquest for a little while. Infrequently as ever. But this time, I have goals besides having fun. These matches take place on December 3rd and 4th.

I’m not going to translate any of the SMITE/MOBA jargon down below. This is just me writing a quick after-action report on my exploits or failures in League. So, your enjoyment may vary. This is just for enjoyment purposes and not chest beating. Ok, maybe just a little bit of chest beating. 

  • Get better at League Conquest.
  • Win at least 20 games for the AMC League Skin.
  • Get to Gold League

Those goals aren’t too difficult to accomplish, right? Well, right out of the gate I lose a match as Khepri. Not just lose but horribly lose. (By the way, I’m using links to Tiermonster.com because the official site by Hi-Rez doesn’t seem to be getting updates right now). I wasn’t playing the best but we had very little team cohesion and we were getting torn apart by the enemy team’s Thor. Long enough to feed Cupid and Agni plenty of kills. We still could have won this because Zeus went 18 kills by himself. But we were never able to protect him long enough to slaughter everyone. Worse, our ADC just wasn’t picking up steam. Really though, none of it mattered if we couldn’t pull ourselves together. And we didn’t. We lost the match after several terrible teamfights.

The unfortunate consequence of losing that match is that I got demoted to Silver III. Not exactly the best way to start off an evening of League. I was feeling pretty bummed about it but I queued up again, figuring it couldn’t possibly get any worse. Notably, during the queue someone said Geb was a bad god. I’d love to know what they’re smoking because Geb is still a very competent support character. Well, I get another shot at supporting as Sylvanus. I actually have a pretty good game all around. I managed to give Apollo several kills in the lane and he’s rocking it. The entire team is communicating and we’re generally doing an all around good job. The Thanatos pick was strange but he skyrocketed and the other team just couldn’t keep him down, despite Neith ulting him every chance she got to put him down. Their Posideon, despite his good early game, was having a rough mid game and just completely fell off late game. We wrapped things up within 33 minutes.

Nothing too out of the ordinary here. Their Sobek was having a really rough game and I’m a little surprised to see Void Stone on him.

So onward I go, with uplifted spirits to the final match of the night. I take Khepri again, seeing if I can get some redemption for my earlier match. Unfortunately, our 5th guy Chaac isn’t on Curse and seems to be not in-sync. This was a tough won game. Chaac had a real problem of just going ham on them and while he took forever to die, we often got into bad situations trying to save his ass. He just did whatever he wanted and while the other team let him, I don’t think we could have won it without Zhong Kui and Hou Yi. Hou Yi especially was the MVP going 16-8 and absolutely grinding Mercury and Ullr into the ground. I had one particular save where Hou Yi was in mid lane trying to retreat from enemies and I was running to him all the way from the fountain. Just as he was about to die, I just got in range to ult him and save him. Our solo and mid showed up and we pushed them all the way to a victory. It was a very waffly kind of game but in the end, we out beat them. My next match would decide if I get a promotion or not but it would have to wait until tomorrow.

The build on Xing Tian is just strange. I don't see the need to build both Warlock's and Gem of Isolation.

The build on Xing Tian is just strange. I don’t see the need to build both Warlock’s and Gem of Isolation.

Starting up tonight, well, the first match I got queued in for was with 3 people who weren’t on Curse (always a great sign) and those three were also really bad at communicating. Thankfully someone on the other side DCed out during the picking phase because I’m pretty sure our lack of team cohesion would have gotten us destroyed. The next match was thankfully joined up with four other people on Curse where we actually communicated. It’s actually kind of sad but true, a team that doesn’t communicate in League is going to get destroyed. But mostly, I think it’s because those people realize this is a team game, not a solo-yolo game. This time around, I picked up Geb. My favorite support god and one that I can still play really well even after not playing him a while. Despite the rocky early game, we paid them back and then some. Rama and Bellona were simply eating them alive and I had some awesome jukes. Really, this is a game I should have been recording because I had some pretty fun plays of dodging Fenrir as he desperately tried to kill me and failed. Fenrir was definitely the one that cost them the game. He wasn’t getting good picks, he was constantly diving into our ranks to get kills without any support and we just blew him up. The match was a win for us.

There's a ton of attack speed on our side while they seem to have gone more power/pen.

There’s a ton of attack speed on our side while they seem to have gone more power/pen.

I am now in Silver 1. This is the highest rank in League I have ever been and I’m pretty ecstatic about it. I decided to give it one more try before calling it a night. That was very nearly a mistake. I’ll just say up front that we didn’t deserve this win. Had Sobek support not DCed/Ragequit out of the game 15mins in, we would have lost. So, there’s been a strategy in League that I’ve run into twice now in the duo lane. Picking a Sobek/Sylvanus and Cupid aggressive lane. They will aggressively abuse Sobek’s charge and Cupid’s heartbomb to kill over and over again. It’s incredibly frustrating and effective because Cupid just starts taking off like a rocket. It’s a bloody nightmare to counter and I had a feeling they were going to use it. But when I saw them pick Athena, I figured it was going to be a Cupid/Athena lane and I could manage by countering with Geb. Wrong, she was their Jungler. Geb is a horrible pick for a Sobek/Cupid kill lane. He simply lacks the tank or damage in the early game to deal with the wombo-combo of the two gods and Medusa doesn’t do jack squat against it as she lacks the CC. And unfortunately, they got several early kills on me despite me trying to avoid it. It’s just really hard to deal with if you’re wanting to get any sort of farm. I honestly haven’t figured out a good counter for this combo but it might be something like Bacchus…..or Ares…..or maybe even Cabrakan comboed with a hunter who’s got a stun. Khepri might be a good counter but the problem is that Khepri’s ban rate is really high in League. So you can’t rely on that being available.

Honestly, I still think we would have had a really bad early game regardless and the entire team was just getting constantly picked off. 15-20mins in and we were behind about 11-22 or something like that. Had Sobek not DCed about that time, the game would have been over. But what had been a hopeless situation now wasn’t. We were 5v4. We rallied. Unfortunately, it would take us another 15mins to finally kill their center phoenix. We had a really…..bad Thanatos. Not only was he kinda BMing us but he first picked him in the picking phase and was constantly doing some of the dumbest moves I’ve seen a Thanatos do. More than a few ults had him running into the enemy’s jungle deeply and into three other people just to potentially kill an ADC. Which he rarely got the kill. Yeah, he was feeding pretty hard. Again, we had no right to win that match. The only arguably good players were Nu Wa and Bellona. Nu Wa had some excellent fights that really turned the tables on them and Bellona was often more than enough to clean things up after I had died again. I was pretty much XP starved the entire game thanks to the killing spree in duo lane. After a successful Fire Giant grab and another team fight, we pushed them to mid Phoenix, where they promptly surrendered. I don’t blame them. It was rough not having Sobek there.

Thanatos with Sprint 3 and Full Blink. Plus Heavy Hammer. What?

All in all, a good return to League. 4 wins out of 5 and I’m in Silver 1 now. Gold isn’t out of my grasp it would seem. Of course, things may turn on me so I’m not going to be TOO hopeful.

Thanks for reading as always. If you liked it, just click on the creepy Au Puch skin over to the left and join SMITE. Or read more of these posts to the right. I’ll probably be doing more of these posts soon.


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