A Paladin’s Update: November 2015 In Summary. Reviews, Thanksgiving and More.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving never changes. 

It’s been cold in Cornelius for a week or so now. About 40-50F most of the time and the rain comes in fitful spurts. But enough about the weather. I’m in real bad need of good Christmas music, which I’m pretty sure I made this same complaint last year. Unfortunately, I’ve already tried my usual sources and they’re unhelpful in this area. I dunno, it seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to find music I’ll like. But it is. I think I’ll keep poking around with Google Music, see if I can get it to work for me. 

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Christmas time is here. The music is playing, the decorations are going up and A Paladin is getting ready for the most insane month of the year. December is entirely too crazy for my own good and I often wonder what drove me to such insanity. I’m not only wanting to do my usual reviews but I want to cover my favorite/least favorite games as well as games I didn’t cover/play for X or Y reason. Add in a year-in-review post and possible Steam sales coverage and that’s a lot of hours to spend working on it. And I’m looking forward to it. I’ve got it all scheduled out and I think I can make it work. But it’s probably going to be a bit dicey regardless.

I know it’s really silly that I spend as much time working on my website but I love the work. There isn’t a better feeling in the world when I publish a review like I have this past month. It’s great to feel like I accomplish something on a weekly or monthly basis and frankly, the job search…is anything but. Sure, it’s just a review on a small website that’s so small most wouldn’t even pay attention to it. But, it’s far more productive than what I’d probably be doing otherwise.

I changed the front page of the website to feature my big reviews for the time being. I haven’t figured out a better use for that page yet.

I’ve already begun writing the next review and it’s going fantastically. I think this may very well be my favorite review I’ve done and my feelings on this particular game are rather conflicted. I’ve more or less decided what games are going to be reviewed this month but my brain tends to change things up just to mess with me. So, it could happen here as well.  

I will be doing an end of the year update that will cover what my plan is going into the new year. It’ll include the direction I’m hoping to keep A Paladin going towards, what content you can expect to see and what series will be coming up. There’s a lot to talk about, it’s been a crazy year. 

Reviews Published This Month and Listed Based On Popularity:

Holy crap, four full reviews in one month? What in the world was I thinking?!? I mean, I didn’t realize I had done that much work this month. Phew…well. Anyway. I’m slightly surprised Oceanhorn over took The Witcher 1 but I guess that’s because Oceanhorn is newer and less known. Glad to see Train Valley get plenty of attention. I’m not surprised Race the Sun didn’t get much attention, it’s not a genre in my wheelhouse and I’m somewhat mixed on that review to begin with.

Top five posts from the past month:

  1. A Paladin’s Update: September 2015 In Summary. I’m Calling This The Month of The Updates.
  2. A Paladin’s Review: Huniepop. 
  3. A Paladin’s Review: Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. 
  4. A Paladin’s Review: The Witcher (1).
  5. A Paladin’s Review: Metro: Last Light Redux. 
  6. A Paladin’s Conversation: About the Fan Remake of Star Trek Bridge Commander.

It took an update post to top Huniepop this month. What the heck? So, should I just post nothing but update posts from now on? Is that what you guys are telling me? ;). My conversation about the Bridge Commander remake got a surprising amount of attention that I had to feature it as #6. Otherwise, happy with how things are going stats wise.

TLW Tech Services:

I started a new advertising deal in a local paper and I’m hoping for the best on this. Otherwise, more thoughts on this will be coming in the end-of-the-year update next month.

Other Personal Items:

There’s not much else to talk about. Oh, well, there was that two day celebration last week. Thanksgiving with the family and Football Civil War. (American Football). That was fun and a bit exhausting. I had to take the Saturday off just to decompress from the events. But yeah, it was fun. My car’s going to have some “fun” repairs soon. Yea, sorry, not much else to talk about in this section. Most of it, I want to save for the next update post. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I also hope your December isn’t too insane.

Thanks for reading as always!


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