Thanksgiving Greetings, Recent Computer Upgrade, StarCraft II Review Is Coming and YouTube Protecting Creators from False DMCAs.

Just a random photo I took

Just a random photo I took

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. Far too many things to just simply list out but I’m thankful for all of you readers and watchers of my sometimes questionable content ;). There’s a lot of different things planned out for the next several months including more reviews, some new streams/YouTube series, additional topics for the blog and more. With System Shock 2 finished, we’re currently working on figuring out a new co-op series but I’ve got some personal plans I want to try out. Keeping myself busy is what I’m really good at doing. But, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and stay safe.

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Well, decision made. I have gone ahead and personally greenlit the writing of the StarCraft 2 review. I’ve already created the section in my Google Doc for it as you can see in the photo above. I wasn’t going to be certain whether I was going to review it or not until I had finished the Legacy of the Void campaign. I did and I want to do the review. I have thoughts I’d like to put down to paper, so to speak. I do appreciate that this review is neither necessary, required or possibly even desired by my readers. However, for reasons that I’ll make clear in the review, StarCraft is a rather important series to me and I want to do this. No, it will not be the review for this week or even the week after. This is going to be a long one to write out but I’m looking forward to it. Don’t worry, there are other reviews being worked on as well.

I’ve gotten a new EVGA GTX 970 SSC card. This will probably be the last upgrade to the machine with the possible exception of buying more RAM or another harddrive. At this point, I’m looking to the future with a whole new rig in mind. This case is getting a little too cramped for my wants. It’s also working out really well, I’ve noticed great performance improvements across the board of games that I play and I’m able to enable options I couldn’t before. I think the next major performance upgrade would have to be a new CPU but that would require a new motherboard because AMD hasn’t changed its CPU line in years. It’s not a high priority upgrade though.

I’m a bit late on talking about this issue, but I wanted to say that I’m grateful YouTube is finally stepping up and protecting its creators from false DMCA claims now. It’s been long overdue that YouTube protected who keeps bringing people to their site. I would, however, like to see them improve the automated systems that hit channels with false copyright claims on music/video assets and other issues that have been a problem for the past year. Still, forward progress is good.

Thanks for reading!


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