Cleaning Up Wishlists on GOG & Steam, YouTube RED and Focusing on Linux Again.


GOG & Steam Wishlist Fall Cleanup

In preparation of the upcoming sales on Steam and GOG this winter, I took time yesterday to clean up my wishlists. My Steam wishlist in particular has been severely bloated for the past several months mostly thanks to the Journey Through Steam series and Kickstarter/Early Access titles that have my caught my eyes over the past year. Which is a bit of a problem when I want to decide what games to buy and which to point my friends towards if they want to gift me games. When I started, it sat at 165 titles. Now? Its 94. Probably more like 84 when you take out the DLC on there. This was entirely done for my benefit and it’s part of A Paladin’s strategy to start focusing in 2016. Every single game in my Steam wishlist is something I’m personally want to try out and enjoy. It’s no longer about hoping that it’ll be good if/when it leaves Early Access or is a mere curiosity that happened to catch my eye during one of my Journey posts. It’s games I want to play and potentially review.

YouTube Red Announced

For those that don’t know, YouTube Red is a new subscription service where you can access all of YouTube completely ad-free. In addition, your mobile devices can now download videos for offline watching and play videos in the background. It also includes a subscription to Google Music All Access. I’ve been thinking about this announcement pretty hard for the past day. I’ve read the opposing viewpoints and listened to those in favor of it. Frankly, the complaints about Red seem to be coming from people who don’t realize how Red works or how advertising works for that matter. It’s also pretty clear that customers don’t realize that Red also includes a subscription to Google’s Spotify-like music streaming service as well. Which is an insanely good deal on its own.

Frankly, the biggest issue with YouTube Red is the name. I mean, it’s not the worst name Google has ever used but it’s so close to a certain sexual website that’s well known. Really, I can’t believe it was launched with that name. It makes a guy wonder though… I’m still concerned that the payouts channels will receive might be lower than what they were getting from ads and I’m additionally concerned about musicians getting lower payouts as well. (I mean, that $10 is only going to get split so many different ways). But it’s also true that advertisement payouts have dropped hard in the past several years and looked to only get worse as Adblock usage increases. YouTube HAD to do something and this might be the fairest solution for all parties involved.

I’ll have YouTube Red because I have my Google Music Subscription that I’ve had for several years now. Which it’s a really nice deal because I no longer have to worry about blocking ads next year when the political stuff really starts hitting its stride. Thank gawds for that. And frankly, I see no reason why people who don’t want ads on YouTube shouldn’t buy this subscription either. The music subscription is incentive enough.

Focusing on DRM-Free and open source again.

I don’t know when it happened, but I kind of got distracted from being DRM-free and open source as much as possible. I’ll never truly be full anti-DRM because I enjoy services like Netflix and Steam too much to give them up. However, I want to focus on making sure I always consider open source and drm-free alternatives. The two major media sources that are still DRMed in my life are audiobooks and games. I’ve been buying audiobooks from Audible for the longest time which is fine, the service is very reasonable. But I’ve been considering getting older books and I’m looking at more DRM-free sources for those books instead. I know about Podiobooks so I’ll be looking towards that website in the future. Most of the programs I use are open source but I’m going to continue to pay attention to being as open source as possible.

As for games, as hinted at in my previous post about The Witcher 3, I’ve been looking at buying more modern games on GOG instead of Steam. It used to be just older titles but I’ve been noticing how many newer games have been showing up on GOG so I’m strongly in favor of getting DRM-free titles on there instead. The Witcher 3 will be one of the big purchases this year for me on that service as well as the Game of Thrones & Borderlands Telltale games and others from it. GOG Galaxy was really what tipped that decision. That being said, it’s not like I’m going to quit buying Steam games. Plenty of titles still exist primarily on that service. But its why I’m glad I centralized my reviews on this site instead of Steam because this transition would have been extremely awkward otherwise. This is also why I cleaned up my Steam wishlist because a number of those titles got moved over to my GOG wishlist.

So many distributions.

So many distributions.


Linux. I still use Linux and my usage of it has been going up for the past year or so, just very slowly. My second desktop machine runs Ubuntu and one of the house laptops uses Solydk. The Ubuntu machine is probably going to get a different distro (Linux Mint maybe?) soon as my experiments with Ubuntu are done. I never gave up on Linux but I lowered it in my priorities due to life. Now, I want to see it used more, especially on my main machine. I’ve been talking with Linux users on recording YouTube games and I think I may have found a solution I’ll be happy with.

I’ll still be using Windows and sooner or later I’ll be updating to Windows 10 on my main machine. But only my main machine. Everything else will be running Android or Linux if I have a choice. If my technology business didn’t require it and certain games I liked playing weren’t Windows only, I’d probably be switching entirely to Linux by the end of the year. Alas, I’ll be sitting in this middle ground for now.

I’m 99% certain that my next laptop will be bought from System76 or some other Linux manufacturer instead of one of the major hardware companies. I’ve been running an Acer c720 Chromebook for the past couple of years. The only reason I bought a Chromebook is that a $200 laptop was extremely hard to argue with at the time, being a college student and all. I have tried to get Linux to run on said Chromebook but it was a little twitchy. I do love my Chromebook but I would like a more powerful machine in the near future. It’s not a priority by any stretch though.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading as always!


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