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So, Washington County (where I live currently) has been given the option to vote to replace an expiring levy that assists libraries and their services to keep running. (It’s a property tax). I decided to look into their numbers to see how many people still use the library in our county and the numbers are surprising. 900K+ visits per year, ~200K books loaned every month, ~90K hours of computer usage per year, etc and so forth. I didn’t expect the numbers to be quite so high. There’s some pretty interesting numbers to be seen in this document too. It puts things in perspective. I’ll admit, I was wrong that people don’t use our libraries. Clearly we still have need of them. And in fairness, I’ve been thinking of visiting them to have another place to write reviews instead of my house all of the time.

Looking for regular work as always and applied to a local retail/agriculture outfit in my town. We’ll see if anything happens of it. It doesn’t seem like much but every time I apply for a job, that’s one more step in the right direction. I’ve been having a lot of difficulty applying myself on it.

League of Legends Bans a Champion in a tournament:

An interesting article about the removal of a champion from a recent League of Legends tournament. I’ll admit that my knowledge of LoL is lacking. For as much as I’ve seen complaints about SMITE’s balance problems (and they do exist, don’t get me wrong), at least SMITE is in a position where removing a single god doesn’t cause the entire meta to shift in a tournament. Only 3 champions are considered viable at the tournament level for the jungle role? That’s insanity to me. That only three junglers are that highly prized and nothing else is considered good enough to contend. Again, I’m an outsider looking in on this through one source so maybe I’m not getting all the facts but still….

So this is…wow. I don’t…even…wow. You know, I was already really dubious about this announcement. Spinning the series off like this wasn’t appealing to me when I first heard about it and unfortunately it seems like my fears were confirmed. To see that video, that just staggers the imagination. It doesn’t run at 30FPS consistently (forget 60FPS) and looks cheap as hell. Gameplay looks…uninspired at the best of times. Doesn’t seem to have much of a story either. I had my issues with the Overlord series but this is clearly a major step backwards. I don’t think I want to play this, much less review it. I don’t think I could handle how boring it is. I could barely watch 30 minutes of it, there’s no way in heck I really want to play more than 30 minutes of it. The store’s reviews are mostly negative and I think they might be right. I think the reason why this game is so substandard is that the original developers of Overlord & Overlord II were Triumph Studios. The studio that developed the Age of Wonders series. Now its Codemasters who are solely in charge of the project and its clear that they barely tried. Or barely put any money into it. Jim has even gone on to review it. Yikes he hated it. Talk about completely killing my interest in this title. Its one thing to take your series in a different direction from before, but to cash in on it like this? What the heck. I’m not going to say that I’ll never review this title, but I’d say the chances aren’t great. It’s really too bad because for all of its flaws, Overlord was at least a unique idea.

Been listening to a lot of chiptunes and electronic music this month. One particular artist has caught my attention: Kartmaze. The Lighthouse album in particular has caught my attention. It’s kind of like taking a journey through chiptunes for about an hour. Might be something worth checking out if you like this genre at all.

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