System Shock 2: Episode 6. What in the Actual Hell?

Returning to our regularly scheduled programming.

Apologies for the three month delay. Back to our regularly scheduled programming now. Due to a hardrive crash, episodes 6 through 9 are from Managarmr’s perspective and not mine. I’ll be working on catching up to him again on the YouTube front this month. Enjoy! My perspective below:

Edited video of Managarmr and I’s livestream of System Shock 2. Due to harddrive data loss, I’ll be using Managarmr’s perspective until a much later episode. Apologies. Watch the series on the website or from Managarmr’s YouTube channel.

Intro music: System Shock 2 – Med Sci 1 “Epic Rock” Cover by Little V Mills.

Outro Music: Identity Sequence (ft. Jillian Aversa) by Zircon.

Both used with permission.

Thanks for watching!


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