A Paladin’s Updated Steam Review: Section 8: Prejudice. DOA By GFWL.

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Section 8: Prejudice

The final update for this review.

Technically, I’ve already updated this review but this is to bring it up to my current standards rather than just do clarifications and grammar fixing like I did last time. Lazy person me. By the way, I will not be providing buying links to this game because I frankly don’t think it should be on Steam anymore. Enjoy! Also, my Steam curator profile will now be posting my negative reviews as recommendations as well as future GOG reviews.

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A Paladin’s Steam Review: Section 8: Prejudice. DOA by GFWL.

  • Genre: First person Sci-Fi hitscan arena shooter with multiplayer focus.
  • Developer & Publisher: Timegate Studios & Atari
  • Platform: Windows, Consoles.
  • DRM: Games for Windows Live (No Longer Functions), Steam.
  • Business Model: Base Game + Map & Gun DLC Packs.
  • Copy was supplied via gift from a friend

Overall Game Thoughts
Has it really been four years since Section 8: Prejudice hit Steam? S8 was one of the first memorable FPSes I played on PC and I had a good time with it. Released a year before Tribes: Ascend arrived, Section 8 was a very competent Sci-Fi FPS with its theme, action and decent balance. However, it also launched with Games for Windows Live DRM, shooting itself out of the gate before it had any chance to pick up steam. I’ve been debating if I want to give my usual rundowns of the PC settings, gameplay thoughts and other aspects of the title.  Considering Section 8’s current state, I feel that exercise is completely pointless. Section 8 is dead. The website is gone, TimeGate Studios’ Twitter and Facebook are silent as tombs and the community is nonexistent. What more could I really say that would matter to a potential buyer?

Games for Windows Live Integration
Due to the game being heavily integrated into GFWL, nothing works anymore. Oh sure, you can boot it up and things will show up. But the GFWL login is no longer accepted. You can’t play the single player campaign outside of one sitting because saves no longer work. It’s not worth buying for the single player campaign either. Multiplayer doesn’t work either and frankly, it’s not even worth trying to hack it to function. The community had long since abandoned S8 less than a year after launch. The years won’t have been any kinder to it. So, there’s no reason to get Section 8: Prejudice. I personally wish Steam would pull it from the store since it no longer works but there’s nothing I can do to change that.

Final Thoughts
Don’t buy this game. Section 8: Prejudice is a stark reminder of why we shouldn’t use any DRM, especially poorly implemented DRM like Games for Windows Live, in any game. It’s without a doubt the main reason why S8 failed. Add on poor matchmaking plus poor development support and S8 was doomed to fail. TimeGate has no one to blame but themselves for that. In 2011, the market was spoiled for choice in the FPS scene. Putting up barriers was the absolute worse thing they could have done to the game. Even if TimeGate tried to do right by its customers now, which I sincerely doubt they’ll ever do that, it’s far too late to save it. There’s a wealth of FPSes, especially Sci-Fi ones, out in the market and S8 simply doesn’t have much to set it apart. One major mechanic I remember liking was the events system. This changed where people needed to go around the map and kept the pace flowing smoothly. It prevented boring same-old, same-old shoot outs from happening every time and I think it was what kept Prejudice going for as long as it did. But the aforementioned barriers and problems kept it down. Section 8 was a very competent and balanced shooter with a nice mix of modern mechanics back in the day. However, if it did come back, there’s simply better choices to pick from.

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