A Paladin’s Update: August 2015 in Summary. New Monitor and Status of Upcoming Reviews including Witcher 3 and Age of Wonders 3.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Long overdue for a monthly update.

So, things have been busy on my end. My contract job took me to Kettle Falls WA to assist as ground support (logistics) for the Kettle Complex Fire. It was a different experience and I’ve been recovering from it for the past couple of days. I mostly don’t have a lot to talk about on it, it was a job and I got paid for it. I’ve got other things going on that I want to talk about but can’t. So, I’ll talk about how the blog did in August and talk about the forseeable future for upcoming reviews.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

I published nine blog posts last month which is fairly low for my usual average. Journey Through Steam has taken an unofficial hiatus while I deal with my contract work. A Paladin did manage to come out even with the previous month in terms of stats in August. I had some inordinate amount of views on some reviews which helped matters. I know, I really need to advertise on reddit and other places more. Self confidence issues, they’re lovely. Ending August on Dust: An Elysian Tail was great and I’m extremely happy with how that review came out. I think it showcases the best form of my review style with its combination of analytical and heartfelt thoughts. I’m hoping it’s a good sign of things to come especially with how positive the response to it was. I’m really proud of where this site is at.

Reviews Published This Month and Listed Based On Popularity:

Dust and Long Live the Queen actually tied. I was surprised to see how much attention Poker Night 2 got though, I didn’t really expect that to do all that well. Game Dev Tycoon’s place isn’t that surprising.

A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam

Top five posts from the past month::

  1. A Paladin’s Review: Huniepop. The Review That Will Doom My Credibility Forever. (So much for that eh?)
  2. A Paladin’s Update: Blog, Channel and Everything Else on Pause from August 13th to August 30th 2015, approximately.
  3. A Paladin’s Buyer Guide for SteamOS Weekend Deal (07/31/2015): Top Five Games You Should Probably Buy.
  4. A Paladin’s Updated Steam Review: Overlord & Overlord: Raising Hell. Frustrating Gameplay & Conflicted Themes Doesn’t Make One Evil.
  5. A Paladin’s Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail. A Beautiful Gem That Revitalized My Love of Gaming.

Upcoming Reviews:

Even if a game is listed down here, that doesn’t guarantee that the review will be coming out soon, if at all. It just means that it’s on my radar and I want to talk about it today. Do not take anything more from it than that.

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Well, if my previous musings post was too subtle for you, I am fully intending on reviewing The Witcher 3. When most, if not all, of the content for the game has been released for it. I did declare that I would be doing it sometime in late Winter and that’s not going to happen. I’ve decided to wait for all of the DLC packs and Expansions coming out to be released before I make my review on it. As such, my review will probably be out in the middle of 2016. So, don’t expect anything anytime soon. 

The Witcher 1: Enhanced Edition

To tide you guys over, I’m planning on releasing a Witcher 1 review “soon”. It was actually planned to be released at the end of the month but as my job situation currently stands, I think it’ll be October before it gets published. I’ve been doing steady work on it exempting the two week “vacation” I took so its coming along. But there’s a lot of work ahead of me as it stands.

AI War: Fleet Command

How silly is it that I’ve reviewed 80% of Arcen Game’s library but still don’t have a review for their most important videogame? Incredibly silly. You would think after 217 hours spent with the game that I’d have thoughts enough to complete a review for it. Well, I probably do but I want to do one last big session with it before I make a final review on it. However, I’m considering perhaps doing an experimental style of review for strategy titles that I may try out on AI War first. As part of my brain storming session on the strategy video series, I came up with another idea on how to do reviews that will both satisfy myself and allow me to publish more regular strategy reviews. It’s basically a different version of my broken reviews and Steam reviews combined, but a whole lot less awful. I think I might just try with AI War but I haven’t decided yet. I don’t really have any hints to give you guys on what my plans are but that’s where I’m at. 

The Last Federation

More of a side note but I’m also intending to review The Last Federation at some point. It just keeps getting delayed over and over again. I’m not sure when it’s going to happen as I need to put some actual time into the game. But it’s coming. 

Dark Souls (1)

I’ve been debating on whether I’m going to review the Dark Souls series and I recently decided that I will. When would such a review come out? Probably Q1 2016 but I wouldn’t hold your breath. I’m not in a particularly big rush to review this series. I think it’s worth talking about, yes, but I need more time and a lot of different things are demanding my attention. Yes, that includes Dark Souls II and III. As if I didn’t have enough to add to the plate. 

Age of Wonders III

I’ve been putting a lot of hours into Age of Wonders III this year and I think there’s a very good chance I’ll be reviewing it before the year is out. Not guaranteed but I’m kind of hoping to do one. They’ve released all of their intended content for AOWIII that they plan on doing and I feel that my opinion is really starting to solidify. I’ve gotten a lot of playtime thanks to play-by-email so that’s really enriched my perspective of it. And I’ve finally figured out how to tackle the single player aspect of the campaign so I’ll have thoughts on it as well. 

Starcraft II Full Review

Remember that review I did of Starcraft II? No? Neither did I until I saw it in the “related blog posts” section. It’s a terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible review. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if most forgot about it. I’m toying with the idea of doing a full review of SCII with the upcoming release of Legacy of the Void expansion. But I haven’t made up my mind one way or the other. Just know, it’s entirely possible that I might review it.

I generally decide what reviews I’m going to be covering at the beginning of every month and reconsider on a bi-weekly basis. I usually aim my writing at titles I’ve been pondering lately for the best effect. So, while I do have these planned to be done at some point, there’s no set date in stone. It could be next week, it could be next month. I’ve got a lot of titles to cover and review. I’m trying to finish up my updated reviews by the end of the year. After which, I’ll be doing a final once-over to make sure all information about each review is displayed properly (full disclosures and etc). I’ll be deleting the broken reviews at some point. They’re the worst things I’ve posted, I don’t like them and would much rather do a full review than leave those up. So, expect those to disappear at some point. Otherwise, that’s the plan.

TLW Tech Services

TLW had a smashing month in August. I got a ton of work with the recent Windows 10 release. The new Win10 security and privacy program that I ran got me a lot of attention and business. I’m going to look into doing more of those because people really responded well to them. Otherwise, I got nothing more to add about TLW.

Other Personal Items:

I now have a new gaming monitor. Yup, I’ve finally gotten into 1080p gaming. It’s a BenQ 27″ 1920×1080 1ms 75Hz monitor. And it is awesome. To the right you can see my old monitor for comparison. I’ve already noticed a substantial performance difference between the two. The BenQ runs games like SMITE without the usual lag I used to notice. It’s been long overdue that I finally replace the monitor that died earlier this year and get an actual gaming monitor. And I’m happy with it so far. I don’t think I’ll be doing a dual-monitor setup with it as I don’t think the CPU/GPU can handle it.


Otherwise, I’m very busy lately. I…you know, don’t have more to add. Things are too hectic but the recent income from my contracting work has been a big relief for me and has given me the flexibility I need to buy and replace equipment that’s been in bad need of it. Such as that monitor. If I can keep this momentum going, that would be awesome.

Thanks for reading as always. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to know about that I missed in this update.


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