A Paladin’s Update: Blog, Channel and Everything Else on Pause from August 13th to August 30th 2015, approximately.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Scheduling update for Mid August, 2015. 

Well, there’s the call I was expecting. As previous mentioned on my blog a little while ago, I got a new job which would most likely throw the schedule of my blog and other series off. Part of this job is working wildfire jobs for a couple of weeks at once. Which means being away from the Internet (oh gawds, I’m going to go through serious withdrawal. 😉 hehe). So, that means that blog reviews and other series can’t be done while I’m away. Sorry about that.

Damn, I had two good reviews being worked on for this week. 🙁 Whelp, you’ll get to see them when I get back. Unfortunately, this also broke my review streak I’ve been holding for eight months of having weekly reviews. The upside is that I’ll have money and I’m hoping to reinvest that into A Paladin and other projects. I’m in bad need of capital to do things that I really want to so this job is necessary.

It’s a new and exciting experience.

Thanks for reading and apologies for the pause. I hope everyone has a great month!


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