A Paladin’s Update: July 2015 In Summary. I Fixed the Hardrive Problems and Car Problems but I’ve Had Better Months.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Update on the latest goings on from July 2015.

It’s a (thankfully) cooler Sunday afternoon as I write this up. July has been a difficult month of one problem after the other showing up. To put it simply, it was a great aggravation to deal with.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Despite June being a boon for A Paladin, it seems that things have slipped and total views for July were worse than the past several months. I know why it’s been down, I haven’t been doing much more than publishing reviews and Journey Through Steam posts when I can. Even then I’ve missed probably two weeks worth of Journey. I’ve had some really bad weeks this month and everything suffers for it.

I’m hoping to get the System Shock 2 stream back on track. With the new hardrive installed and all. Said hardrive has been working like a champ. It’s nice to have. I do want to start actual work on the strategy series. Among other things that I want do but other uncertainties have come into play.

Reviews Published This Month and Listed Based On Popularity:

The fact that Huniepop was the most popular review for this month says a lot. The fact that Superbrothers, Finding Teddy and Unmechanical didn’t even get viewed this month as far as I can tell also says a lot. All of these little facts and numbers contribute to knowing where I should focus my energies in the coming months and years. I’m not willing to say anymore on this subject…yet. As for what impact Huniepop will have on the blog, well…there will be a future post on that subject. Right now, there are a few more anime-based games I want to review and see what type of response they get before I make any conclusions.

A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam

Top five posts from the past month:

  1. A Paladin’s Updated Steam Review: Overlord & Overlord: Raising Hell
  2. A Paladin’s Steam Review: Portal Stories: Mel.
  3. A Paladin: The Beauty of Cities: Skylines in Screenshots #2
  4. A Paladin’s Update: Bad News. System Shock 2 Stream on Hiatus
  5. A Paladin’s Update: I Have a Job. So, Schedule to be in Flux for the Rest of Summer.

I didn’t expect the Overlord review to get quite so much attention but it has. By comparison, Overlord II gets very little attention. Probably something interesting I can gleam out of those numbers at some point. I’m happy that the majority of the traffic go to my reviews. Those are the posts I put the most work into and the ones I’m most proud of. While it’s disappointing that Journey Through Steam has been stuttering lately, well, there’s not much I can do about it for the time being. Also interesting to see two update posts hit the top five. That’s pretty rare from what I can recall but heartening to see at the same time.

TLW Tech Services:

I’ve launched a new service for the recent release of Windows 10 and have gotten some response. But it is woefully inadequate. I’m having the same problem as usual. I can’t seem to get the word out there. Advertising these days just sucks. It seems like you have to have one thousand friends on Facebook to share your posts five times in order to really get your business off the ground. I’m struggling really hard to get any forward momentum going.

Other Personal Items:

In the spirit of being honest, I had a mental breakdown this past week. The stress of my job search, car problems, money issues and everything else finally got the better of me. It’s probably the worst state of depression I’ve been in for a long time. I should count myself lucky that I have friends and other support options to get me through this rough time. I’m better now, I was better the day after the breakdown. There are other things going on that I’m not being public about just yet but I’ll talk about them soon enough. Probably about the same time I talk about my job… I want to and at the same time don’t want talk about my job situation and search. How about we stick a pin in that discussion until I’m ready to talk about it.

My car is, of course, causing me problems. I was told that I need to replace the front right ball joint as soon as possible and get a whole new set of tires because All-Wheel-Drives are just fun about that. That wasn’t fun on my poor bank account but I can handle it…for the time being. I’m hoping this is the worst of it because this has been a very expensive month. There’s more that I want to talk about but for now, I don’t want to get into it. Mostly because it will quickly devolve into a rant fest. I think I’ve subjected enough people to that for one month.

Thanks for reading and continue to be awesome.


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