A Paladin’s Buyer Guide for SteamOS Weekend Deal (07/31/2015): Top Five Games You Should Probably Buy.

SteamOS Sale

SteamOS Sale

Let’s do it.

As I’m a pretty big supporter of Linux and Open Source in general, I wanted to cover the top five games you should buy this weekend. Steam is featuring some of the top selling cross-platform titles that are on Linux. It’s cute that Valve is featuring Steam Link and Controller considering both are pre-orders and not on sale. Anyway, this is simply my top five games that I think you should pick up with consideration to value, price and enjoyment you’ll get out of each.

Interesting side note, it seems that the Metro Redux series has finally launched their Mac editions. That took them a lot longer to do than they initially promised.

#1: Age of Wonders III

4X Turn Based Strategy Game

Probably the best deal of the day, Age of Wonders III is simply an excellent 4X game. Featuring hundreds of hours of content, enjoyable turn-based combat, fun empire building, lots of post-release support and an incredibly enjoyable combat system and strategy component, AoWIII has been a treat to play. The three expansions aren’t on as good a sale today but at least get your feet wet with the main game. I’ve mostly been doing play-by-email games for the past couple of months and been having fun with this one. The only reason I haven’t reviewed this sooner is that I haven’t finished the main campaign just yet.

#2: Cities Skylines

City Simulation

One of the best city builders to come out in a very long time, Cities Skylines has been an absolute treat to play. And I still haven’t played enough of it. Incredibly well optimized, a thriving mod community and Paradox’s post-release support has been pretty good so far. Definitely my top recommendation if you don’t have it already. Not the best sale it’s ever been on I’ll admit but the sheer depth and creative potential is great.

#3: Mark of the Ninja

2D Stealth Action Game

This is also overdue for a review but it’s definitely one of the most interesting stealth games to come out in 2012. You’re a ninja who must silent and swift in 2D levels bypassing guards, traps and alarms to reach his objective(s). The game is considered feature complete but there’s a lot of content to enjoy. You can choose to kill all enemies or simply knock them out. With multiple approaches to each level and lots of hidden objects, there’s lots of reasons to play and replay each level.

#4: Civilization V

4X Turn Based Game

I have finally started playing Civilization V recently. I’ve only put in nine hours but I can already see why people enjoy it so much. Civ 5 is about creating your own empire through war, diplomacy, new technologies, economies and more. It features highly in-depth mechanics for each way to success but remains surprisingly user-friendly and easy to learn for a strategy game. $12.49 for the entire game is a good asking price and I’d recommend picking the entire edition up for the expansions which really flesh everything out.

#5: This War of Mine

2D Survival Game

This is due for a review at some point but for the time being I’m recommending This War of Mine that mixes narrative and game mechanics rather well. You play as a group of civilians trying to survive in the middle of a civil war. There’s limited resources and you have to make choices on what you’re going to do each day. Your choices will affect how your characters feel, what resources they’ll get and whether you survive the war or not. Surviving in This War of Mine isn’t easy. but its enjoyable from a stark and dark sense. The sale is pretty good too.

Not Recommended: Metro: Redux series

You can read my review of Metro: Last Light Redux & Metro 2033 Redux. The short of it is that while these games are atmospheric, their mechanics feel like a large back-step from the originals. Stealth isn’t fun, the shooting feels way too bullet spongy, the story isn’t the best and the optimization of each game leaves a lot to be desired for “redux” editions. Metro 2033’s review is one of my most “popular” on Steam.

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