A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam: July 21st, 2015. Sometimes, You Just Have to Post Something.

Enough DLC to choke on…

Only 20 games released so far. Most of those probably didn’t need to be….

If you’re wondering what happened last week, this series wasn’t posted due to work. No, just was in a terribly bad mood when it came to Journey. There is a definite problem with fatigue when it comes to Journey Through Steam. The amount of absolute crap that gets released can be draining to deal with and last week kind of broke me. I’m forcing myself to do this post today so I can get back into the rhythm. But fracking hell, I’m getting less sympathetic towards indie devs with the amount of extremely poor marketing decisions on display. Some of the things that get published just boggle the mind… Let’s get to it.

This post is part of a series where I feature the most interesting new releases on Valve’s Steam store. With my first impressions commentary to go along with each. Learn more about this series at this blog post.

Feature: TIS-100

Programming game for all platforms

Programming game for all platforms

After a short stint in early access, TIS-100 was unleashed as a full game yesterday. I don’t really have anything to add about it that I didn’t already talk about before. It looks rather interesting but I’m not entirely sure I want to play it. Still, $7 isn’t asking a lot and its made by Zachtronics. And its probably the only game worth getting this week…

Anti-Feature: Hands on Deck

Indie....??????? Game for all platforms

Indie Boat Game for all platforms

For almost 6 months this game has been in development – We have finalized the first part of the gam—-

Let me stop you right there. No. Don’t release this game in this state. You’re going to lose any potential momentum out the gate with something in this poor a state. You’re releasing a game into a crowded genre and putting something out like this isn’t good for you. Spending six months and just going ‘Eh, frack it, let’s just shove it out the door’ isn’t going to sell you any copies whatsoever. And as it hasn’t sold any copies, so far as I can tell. Good job on that. If you were hoping this would get you a cash inflow, you were sadly mistaken.

Developers: quit releasing incomplete games on Steam as complete games. It’s getting on my last nerve. Throw it into Early Access if you feel the need but knock this off.

Anti-Feature & Suspicious Steam Reviews: Super Hipster Lumberjack

Indie platformer for Windows

Indie platformer for Windows

SHL has extremely suspect positive reviews. For what appears to be a really simple platformer with basic graphics, it’s got a lot more positivity than I think it should have for such an unknown developer. Even more so when the dev mentions this was on Groupees. You know, I have to wonder if you actually make any money at 50 cents per sale. What with taxes and Steam’s cut. Look, I get that this is your first student project and you’re really excited about it. But I wouldn’t pay money for this. I wouldn’t even play it if it was free. Nothing about it is compelling. The platformer genre is cramped with games and yours brings nothing new to it.

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