A Paladin’s Steam Review: Finding Teddy. It’s Too Obtuse To Be Fun.

Multi-platform Point and Click Review.

Multi-platform Point and Click Review.

Well, let’s talk about Finding Teddy.

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A Paladin’s Steam Review: Finding Teddy. It’s Too Obtuse To Be Fun.

  • Genre: 2D Point & Click Puzzle Game.
  • Developed & Published by: Storybird & LookAtMyGame, Plug In Digital.
  • Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.
  • Business Model: Base Game.
  • Copy Purchased by Myself

Overall Gameplay Thoughts
Finding Teddy is a simple point-and-click game from a new developer. Featuring a 2D plane with rich pixelart and a musically inclined theme similar to a previous game that I’ve reviewed. Your teddy bear has been stolen so you’re going through another world, trying to get him back. That’s pretty much it, there really isn’t much to the story and the other “characters” don’t do or say anything of significance. I know they intentionally wanted to craft a game without dialogue, but there’s a lack of narrative that I can’t ignore.

The main mechanic is a lot of simple inventory puzzles. Find an item, give it a creature/thing for another item and keep going until you reach the end of the level. All the while, you’re being sung to by creatures and walls. Which you’re supposed to figure out that the notes are actually letters from the english alphabet. But the game doesn’t really clue you in and the notes look so alien that I didn’t figure it out until a guide clued me in. Even if I was willing to let go of this complaint, it’s not that fun a mechanic. It’s more annoying as you try to match the notes in the right order to progress through the game but there’s a lack of feedback as to whether you’re doing it correctly.

Far too many of the puzzles are too obtuse to figure out, with clues too far and few between. There’s no real hint to what each item does and I had to use a guide to get through at least 50% of the game. I’m not the greatest puzzler on the earth but even for me that’s pretty bad. While I can’t fault a game for my incompetency, the obtuseness of the game with the rather meager puzzles and story can be faulted.

PC Settings (Or lack thereof)
There is exactly one thing you can change in Finding Teddy: fullscreen on or off. Nothing else can be changed. There aren’t any .ini files that I could find either. It did run well during my playthrough but for such a short game, I do kinda expect that to be the case.

Soundtrack is simply ok, not all that interesting or engaging to listen to. There’s also the other issue that the sound effects are too quiet over the louder soundtrack. Which would be easily solved if audio sliders had been put in but well, that didn’t happen. Even more odd is that there’s a lack of audio feedback. When you click on objects or move around, there’s nothing to really back up that you did that. It bothered me the entire while during my playthrough.

Final Thoughts
For a scant couple of hours, Finding Teddy is merely ok, not all that special. The lack of audio-feedback, the obtuse UI and puzzle design can be far more aggravating than I think it’s worth. I’m sure for the devs it was a great starting point and it’s got lovely pixelart to look at. But I just didn’t really enjoy myself with it, not helped by the constant need to refer to a guide in order to finish the game. All that combined with a minimal story and I’m finding it difficult to recommend Finding Teddy.

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