A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam: July 10th, 2015. Poor Mobile Ports and More Shooters Than Needed.



Some mixed features to show today.

So many bad mobile ports that I could have devoted an entire post to it. Blegh.

This post is part of a series where I feature the most interesting new releases on Valve’s Steam store. With my first impressions commentary to go along with each. Learn more about this series at this blog post.


2D Action game for Windows

Old-schoolesque run and gun platformer that released on July 8th, seems to be pretty well made. Getting some reasonable reviews as well, with plenty of mentions of it being a very Contra-like experience. Caught my eye and it’s only $4.99 as well.

Early Access Strategy/Simulation game

Looks like a very pretty version of FTL: Faster than Light from what I’ve seen of the trailer and screenshots. You command a ship and make your journey through space via mini-games, turn-basedish combat and text menus. I’m…intrigued. It’s getting fairly mixed reception so far, so that’s unfortunate. Might give it another look after it leaves early access.

Co-Op Squad Based survival game

This game is getting a surprising amount of reception for being such a recent release. Up to 8 player co-operative multiplayer experience. Not the greatest looker and frankly, I can’t see what makes this one stand out to the rest but the videos are pretty poor at explaining that. But still, it wouldn’t be getting the positive reception for nothing.

Side Notes:

Simulation racing game for windows.

A mostly negative rating on Steam? Ouch. What did Codemasters do to deserve that? Oh. Crashing problems, missing modes, graphical issues, bugs and some question as to whether there was any QA done. Yeah, that would do it….

Poorly ported mobile game

Woohoo, yet another poorly ported mobile game fro Steam. I mean, you couldn’t even take the extra effort of removing the mentions of GPlay or App Store could you? Or made the resolution be anything but suck? I mean, it’s a free-to-play sure, but that doesn’t mean free-to-be-lazy.


Speaking of lazy, here’s probably one of the lazier games released this week. The only reason it has a positive review is because a single person gave it a 10/10. How they came to that score, I’ll never know. Keep your two bucks and spend it on a couple of candybars.

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