A Paladin’s Update: Bad News. System Shock 2 Stream on Hiatus.

News about the System Shock 2 stream.

Well, this has just been a fan-freaking-fraking-tastic day today. Today, I found out that my hardrive which manages a lot of my documents and raw stream footage is deciding to die. What did I lose? Well, all of the raw stream footage between the last YouTube episode and where we left off at. This happened because I accidentally formatted over it without backing it up. Let’s be clear: backing up stream footage isn’t something I normally do. I usually have the YouTube versions of episodes done soon after I do a stream, in which case the raw footage is deleted because storing that is expensive. In this case, that didn’t happen. Tobias and I have been busy and I just didn’t get it done.

I’m currently fuming. I don’t like using what limited resources I have for new parts for the computer, not after I just gave it a somewhat spendy upgraded CPU cooler. (Which has been working fantastically during this heat wave of 95+ for the past two weeks, so I don’t regret it). The idea is that I’m waiting for Amazon’s Prime Day which is July 15th. Hopefully the Hardrives I want will be on a good sale and I can just pick them up without breaking my bank. But since the HDD that was managing the raw stream footage is no longer usable, I can’t stream until it’s replaced. No ifs, no buts on this. The stream will be on hiatus for at least two weeks until I can get the new hardrives and install them. All footage that was lost on my end will be substituted with what Managarmr took. My plan is to replace both HDDs that I have in my computer. The 3rd HDD manages my YouTube content and is currently sending S.M.A.R.T. warning signals about its health so, I’m replacing it as well if I can manage it.

As for where I stand on everything else: I’m ok. Obviously angry, but this isn’t a crippling hit. Everything important is triple-backed up to prevent a serious loss of data. The blog will continue as per normal as my SSD is still working just fine. It’s just a frustrating day, that’s all.

Thanks for reading and your support. I hope to get the stream back on track later this month.


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