A Paladin’s Steam Review: Circuits. Challenging yet Relaxing Short Rhythm Game

Rhythm puzzle game for all platforms

Rhythm puzzle game for all platforms

Casual review for a casual game. Enjoy!

Thought I’d take it easy today. Not sure why and not sure how I managed that, but I did. You’re welcome? Enjoy this review on Circuits, an interesting little puzzle game.

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A Paladin’s Steam Review: Circuits. Challenging yet Relaxing Short Rhythm Game

  • Genre: Minimalist Audio Puzzler
  • Developed and Published by: Digital Tentacle
  • Platform: Windows, MacOSX, Linux and iOS.
  • Business Model: Base Game
  • Copy Purchased by Myself

Game Overview
The main mechanic of Circuits is a pseudo circuit board play field with spots to place circles. These circles are individual beats or sounds that you have to put in the right order and time to match the original song. Each spot has a symbol to give you a clue as to which circles goes there. You’ve also got the option to listen to individual levels of the music: the beats, the melody and the harmony. Once you think you’ve got it, you’ll play the track in full and see if the game agrees with your solution. There’s no leaderboards, not a lot of achievements nor any difficulty sliders. It’s just a casual rhythm game to enjoy, which I did. It was satisfying to figure out how each song worked within the context of Circuits. It’s an overall neat idea and keeping it as short as they did was a smart move on their part.

Audio Puzzle Difficulty
There’s twenty five tracks in total that you can solve at your own pace. They slowly ramp up in difficulty over time as new mechanics are introduced but it’ll never get overly difficult to figure out a solution. You’re also given tips every level that’ll help you out of a tough spot. I found that I could complete Circuits without needing to look online for solutions. It just takes some patience and quite a few listenings.

Circuits Composer
There’s a composer track editor included with Circuits to allow you to make your own tracks. It’s more of a really lightweight version of Audacity. All you can do is drag pre-recorded tracks from the library and stick them on a 8-track board. You can’t add or subtract tracks, you can’t play around with fading, crossfading or any other number of audio fiddling options. It’s more of a causal editor that will let you slap a song together in a short amount of time. There’s plenty of music to choose from in the library and no doubt you could make some unique stuff with it. Just don’t expect a full version of Garageband. It’s a neat little feature for people who’re casually interested in messing around.

PC Settings Menu
All settings are in the pre-game launcher. It’s the standard Unity setup of resolution options, fullscreen and windowed, graphics quality slider and keybindings. There’s really not a lot to comment on here because it’s not a graphically demanding game nor is there any reason to really play around with any of the settings. Since the game is mouse driven, you won’t be changing any of the keybindings either. The UI is minimalist but functional. I didn’t experience any performance problems or crashing during my time with Circuits. It felt rock solid the entire time.

Final Thoughts
For a couple of hours, you’ll get a fun little audio/rhythm puzzle game that can be rather tricky to solve. You’ll need a good pair headphones or speakers to get the full enjoyment out of this title. The soundtrack’s moody electronic and orchestral-like sounds are rather enjoyable. But I have really weird tastes so keep that in mind. I haven’t got any complaints about it and if you’re looking for a casual rhythm game, Circuits fills that niche quite nicely.

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