A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam: June 23, 2015. Nearly 50 Titles Launched During the Summer Sale.

Here's some more free "promotion" for Rocksmith. Enjoy.

Here’s some more free “promotion” Rocksmith. Enjoy. Also, apparently those Orbs are for Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. Nice…/sarcasm

Journey Through Steam has returned this week. Warning about Arkham Knight included.

So, fifty developers decided “yeah, there’s the Steam sale going on. But let’s publish our game anyway. *shake my head*. Whelp, you’re lucky I’m being nice and picking through all of those that launched that week. Or maybe you’re not so lucky. Depends on your perspective.

Tweaking a few things with photos this time around. All side notes will now get their Logo embedded into the post. If you’d prefer to have all featured games have their logo embedded instead of the screenshot that I usually do, let me know.

This post is part of a series where I feature the most interesting new releases on Valve’s Steam store. With my first impressions commentary to go along with each. Learn more about this series at this blog post.

You’ll notice that there isn’t a single Featured game on this list. Yeah, this is off to a great start already….


Hack RUN, Indie Title

Hacking? Game for Windows

Hacking? Game for Windows

Now this might actually be slightly interesting. Hack Run simulates trying to hack into a system with only a command prompt. You have to use the help menu and figure out how to use the CMD window in order to hack into a shady organization. No music in the trailer and no real graphics either, but I don’t know. This might be something worth checking out. $5 sure isn’t asking a lot either.


Alone in the Dark: Illumination™

Single Player/Co-Op FPS Title

Single Player/Co-Op FPS Title

Take Atari, take Pure FPS, a storied developer who has produced several terrible games before launching Illumination. Alone in the Dark: Illumination is a disgrace and they knew it. They tried to sneak it under the radar of the Steam community via the Summer sale. That didn’t work. It’s got a mostly negative rating on Steam and their recent update features “positive feedback” from a website called gamerhub.tv. Never heard of them? Neither had I. They’re clearly trying to ignore the negative reviews on Steam and hope no one notices.

At least they’re only selling it for $30. So, progress. Even if isn’t worth a buck or one second of your time.


Unfinished Early Access Title for Windows

Unfinished Early Access Title for Windows

I’ve been seeing a trickle of early access games getting pushed out in an unfinished state by developers who either don’t care or don’t have the talent to finish them out. Masterspace is one of them, unfortunately. It spent three years in development to not get finished. Tragic. Anyway, I don’t want to get too down on Early Access because it has worked wonders for games like Kerbal Space Program. This is why I haven’t invested in survival games, because I’m not convinced that devs can finish what they’ve started in that genre. And so far, few have. Thank the lord we now have refunds, though it won’t work for people who invested their time into that game.

Alarameth TD™

Tower defense for multi-platform

Tower defense for multi-platform

*facepalm*. We’re still expecting people to pay $7 for tower defenses of this low quality in this day and age apparently. It looks horribly unpolished both mechanically and graphically. This should be in early access at the least. There’s absolutely no way I’d pay for a game that looks or plays like that. Am I extremely picky when it comes to tower defense? Yes, yes I am.

Side Notes:

Early Access multiplayer shooter

Oh….ok then. Winner for possibly darkest trailer I will watch today. If you can somehow see the things that you’re shooting at, you’ll win. This is extremely early alpha, or at least I hope it is. It’s little wonder wonder that it has sold poorly. Also, while the reviews are positive, a lot of the accounts that reviewed it only have 1 or 2 reviews to their accounts. This review in particular is bemusing:

aspateer: This is early access. The price is right. The devs are real stand up dudes that are willing to go the extra mile to produce a quality product. In its current state this game is crap, but the potential to be something great and fun is there.

(Emphasis is mine). Just a note: but most, if not all, games that show up on Steam have the potential to be great. It’s up to the developers to have the talent and capability of making them good. Do these guys have that talent? I can’t say right now. But it’s their first game and they’re expecting me to pay $10 for this. Yeah, I’m pretty skeptical right now. It’s definitely rough as hell from what I can see and needs a lot of work before it’s ready for the real world.

Software and…Game? Weirdness on Steam.

The Steam description for AquaReal 2 has to be read. This glorified screensaver has 13 paragraphs to describe the zen feeling you’ll get from watching badly animated fish swim across your computer screen. I had a good laugh at it. Then you’ve got this software that teaches you how to use Windows 8.1. It’s got 3rd party DRM with a machine activation limit. And frankly, if I saw this software on a machine I was working with, I’d think it was malware. Just based on the UI, colors and how it messes around with your computer. The popular user-tag for this is “psychological horror”. haha oh Steam.

….a shmup?

I…..ok. My eyebrows are trying to escape through the top of my head as I watch the trailer. This is apparently a shoot-em-up for kids that uses ice cream as weapons and vegetables for enemies. But it’s not a game I’d ever get for my nonexistent kid(s). The mostly negative reviews don’t help my impressions either. (Looks like it’s a port from the Nintendo Wii U). I’d ask why we still make this crap, but there are worse games. At leas they got the pricing right: $3.

Open World Action/Adventure for Windows

Just a general warning that Arkham Knight is suffering a host of performance problems and is locked to 30 FPS by default. There’s a lot of issues with it right now and it’s generally recommended you hold off until the port has been fixed. Which could be a while or it could be never given WB’s history with Arkham Origins (in which they didn’t fix the bugs at any point). I have no plans at this time to tackle the Batman series.

Thanks for reading!


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