A Paladin’s Buyer Guide for Steam’s Summer Sale. Final Day! Top 20 Games To Buy Today. June 20-21, 2015.

Look at all those games o_o

Look at all those games o_o

Final Day of the Steam Monster Summer Sale!

We’re in the last 48 hour stretch of the Steam sale and Valve is repeating the featured deals from the previous week. I’m not going to repeat myself since you can read my thoughts on previous sales over here: I have covered them all at this link. I’m instead going to select the top 20 games you should definitely buy today. Some are featured on the front page while others aren’t. I consider these really good sales and really good games worth your time. So, let’s get to it.

Games You Should Buy Today

RTS game for all platforms

Incomplete Steam Review

My favorite RTS game ever and Arcen’s premiere title. AI War: Fleet Command has remained in constant development since 2009 and not only looks great but plays incredibly well. There’s a lot of variety and depth to this game and I simply can’t get enough of it. Even 200 hours later. Get the entire bundle for $4.24 because it’s worth it.

Hack and Slash Story for Windows and Mac

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Final Thoughts
There are a lot of feel goods with Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance that Platinum should be very proud about. Additionally, it’s so very refreshing to have a AAA gaming experience without ANY of the BS that usually comes associated with games like these. It’s got a lot of content for the price and the combat system is deep but approachable. Just keep in mind that it’s a Metal Gear story and you’ll have a great time with it.

Metal Gear Rising is 75% off today and that gets you all of the DLC in one bundle for a low price of $7.49. If you’re looking for a third person hack and slash that doesn’t take itself too seriously, you can’t go wrong with this game. And you just haven’t lived until you’ve bisected a giant robot while the metal soundtrack is screaming “RULES OF NATURE!”. It’s a blast….

Metroidvania RPG for all platforms

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Dust: An Elysian Tail

Final Thoughts
Dust: An Elysian Tail is a beautiful gem of a game and I can only hope to revisit this world sometime in the future. It comes with all the PC settings you’d expect and even more. It’s an awesome version for the PC. You’ll want to play with the controller but other control schemes work just fine. This is a game you do not want to skip. Get Dust: An Elysian Tail now and enjoy. Game of the year in 2013.

One of my shorter Steam reviews but I probably won’t update it at this point. Dust is a real gem with an incredibly fuild combat system, beautiful art style and great animations. The $5.09 asking price is well worth it but I even think paying full price is just fine. It’s about 20 hours of gametime for a great indie title.

Point and Click Border Guard Simulator for all platforms

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Papers, Please. Glory To Arstotzka’s Boring Yet Compelling Job

Final Thoughts
Papers Please is one of my favorite games of 2013. It keeps the dry experience of a border guard but still has depressing stories to tell. The pixelart and dreary atmosphere combine with the constant & insidious pressure to make for a very compelling experience. It’s a game that I shouldn’t find enjoyable but yet I do. Its an odd game that says something not only through words but through the game’s mechanics as well.

Papers, Please isn’t a pleasant or fun experience. It’s depressing, dry and a lot of work. But it’s challenging as all get out and incredibly compelling as you push through this story about a fictional country that is on the verge of falling apart. $5 is a good asking price and worth a look.

FPS & Swordplay for all platforms

One of the better FPS games to come out in 2013, I’ve been meaning to do a review of it sooner or later. The swordplay and story are great. Gunplay is a bit iffy at times and the boss fights are meager but everything else is fantastic. I can’t think of any better FPSes you could pick up for a mere $6.

RPG Strategy-light game for Windows

A Paladin’s Review: Overlord II. Evil Found A Way To Be Fun

Final Thoughts
Overlord II enhances everything about the first game. It brings a more consistent theme, new minion abilities & spells, lusher environments and a feeling of being a true Overlord. It doesn’t quite stick the landing though. The story’s last chapter is drawn out and the ultimate bad guy you get to fight is disappointing. The combat is better this time with subterfuge, new enemies and different tactics/spells that can be used. But it’s still….janky at times when I don’t think it should be. There’s a good amount of content though, you’ll definitely get your fill of each place the game can take you to. The replay value is a bit weak especially with multiplayer not functioning. Ultimately, this Overlord game was actually a fun time despite my problems with the combat system. The combat is improved enough that I can recommend it. With the caveat to expect frustration while dealing with some of the more eccentric bosses and monsters. Still, evil did find a way, to be fun and enjoyable. So, kudos to Triumph for that.

It’s $2.49 for this game and I was pleasantly surprised when I tackled this game earlier this year. It fixes several problems the original game while also making a better Overlord experience. I also love the title I came up for this review too ;). You can also get the first Overlord game and expansion for a couple more dollars but I didn’t particularly like that entry.

Stealth Platformer for all platforms

My Incomplete Steam Review

Mark of the Ninja is a fantastic stealth game by the guys at Klei. Multiple ways to approach an objective, an incredibly well designed stealth system and a compelling story/goals to strive for, Mark of the Ninja was one of my favorite games of 2013 as I recall. The review is slated to be updated at some point. I would say pick up the Special edition for the extra DLC content for $9.

Racing Indie game for Windows only

A Paladin’s Review: Skydrift

Final Thoughts
Skydrift is one of my favorite racers I’ve had the pleasure of playing in the past couple of years. The devs shot themselves in the foot by not having multiplayer be up to snuff but that somehow fixed itself. If you need a new arcade racer, SkyDrift is the one to pick up.

The DLC is pointless to pick up but is so cheap I guess there isn’t any harm in sicking the extra $1.11. At $2.49, SkyDrift is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the multiplayer community suffered due to poor net code early on and never recovered. But there’s enough single player content to still make it worth playing today. You fly around in a variety of different planes in beautiful designed levels with power ups to go around. This is a game to get.

Action Adventure title for Windows

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West: Premium Edition

Final Thoughts
I recommend you pick this up if you’re looking for an overlooked, well crafted 3rd person hack and slash. It’s Sun Wukong in a post-apocalyptic, yet surprisingly colorful & beautiful world fighting robots. While the combat is a bit limited, the journey and characters more than make up for it. I enjoyed the characters, their interactions and the story overall.

For $6.79 you get the entire game with all of the DLC included, one of which includes an excellent side adventure with one of the main characters. It’s a five year old game that was ported from consoles to PC in 2013. It didn’t get nearly enough attention for what it deserved. Worth picking up today.

2D Metroidvania title for all platforms

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Final Thoughts
It felt like this title mostly got ignored, which is a shame because there’s a really solid game here. Sure, the laser puzzles are finicky and the combat depth is shallow. But the presentation is solid, the pacing is great and the atmosphere is really nice. Add in some fun exploration and clever boss fights to make for a great title.

Released nearly three years ago, I only recently picked up and played Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. I left the experience rather satisfied. Which is rare, as this genre is so often plagued with some sort of pacing or mechanical issues that get in the way of having a fun time. Kudos to these devs, I recommend picking it up.

Another $5.09 game, I really enjoyed what I played of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. This was a criminally overlooked game with fun exploration and some challenging mechanics. You’ll get about five hours of gameplay.

Anime Visual Novel RPG for all platforms

Your goal is to rule the world or die trying. Which you’ll die. A lot. Long Live The Queen is a game about trying again and again at not dying while building up your stats enough to figure out the mystery of how your mother died and who’s set against your kingdom. It’s a weird game and a bit hard to explain but for $5, worth picking up today.

Casual Match Three Title for Windows and Mac

While it originally started out as a mobile game, Triple Town made a very good transition to the PC platform. For $5, you get a match three puzzle game with a new mechanic where you’re trying to grow the biggest city possible before the board fills up. I had a good amount of fun playing this game and was pleasantly surprised at how well it plays.

Kung Fu Beat Em Up for Windows

Not as good a sale as yesterday’s flash sale, but $2.49 is still a good price for One Finger Death Punch. Using two buttons and an excellent feedback system, OFDP is an incredibly satisfying game. And it’s very intense. Get this today and enjoy a clearly indie budget game that’s a whole hell of a lot of fun.

SHMUP for all platforms

For $3.99, you’ll get a fun little arcady bullet hell with a very weird graphic style. Luftrausers has you flying a plane that has over 125 different combinations to fly through the skies shooting down other enemy planes, ships and even blimps. Sporting a rocking soundtrack, this is the first title I’ve really liked from Vlambeer.

Exploration Platformer for all platforms

A Paladin’s Review: Waking Mars

Final Thoughts
Waking Mars is a well done exploration adventure game. One of the most enjoyable exploration games to come around in a while. Tiger Style managed to make a game that was only about exploration fun and challenging at the same time and I have to give kudos. The characters were also interesting people to get to know. I also have to give them kudos for making a quality PC game from an iOS port. It’s refreshing to see iOS app devs take care in the porting of their games. All that said, Waking Mars is an enjoyable game through the depths of a fictional Mars. While the game has some problems, the core of the game is a very solid experience. If you have any interest in exploration or adventure games, you should give Waking Mars a try.

I don’t think I can really add anything to my final thoughts. This odd and completely non-combative game is lots of fun. For $2, you have zero reason not to get it.

FPS Rogue-lite for all platforms

One of the most promising rogue-lites to come out of early access, Ziggurat is definitely worth the asking price of $7.49. Lots of action, great graphics and an improvement to the genre that I think will lead to some promising games in the future. I’d like to see what the developers do next.

2D Survival game for all platforms

This War of Mine doesn’t try the usual tricks at guilt tripping you into feeling bad. There isn’t a press F to feel bad about a person. The actions you do or don’t do will haunt you throughout the game. It’s incredibly effective at making you feel things about pixelated characters without going overboard. You’re a group of civilians trying to survive in a civil war. But what lengths are you willing to go to survive?

Sci-Fi RTS for Windows

Grey Goo has the potential of being one of my favorite RTSes for the year. If I could just get more time to play it. Since it’s release earlier this year, the devs have been working overtime at producing new maps, putting in new features and keeping the support going. I have high hopes that they can continue to do this for the forseeable future. It’s a bit on the pricy side though, I do wish they hadn’t gone with a $60 price tag, I think a $40 one would have been better. Right now though, it’s $20 and I say go for it. It’s got a thriving multiplayer community and a good single player campaign.

Telltale Story for Windows and Mac

A Paladin’s Steam Review: The Wolf Among Us

Final Thoughts
I really liked TWAU. I enjoyed following the Big Bad Wolf in his journey to solve the murder mystery. The aesthetic, the atmosphere and the character interactions are great. What I really enjoyed most is that everyone has a backstory. Even the main villain has a good reason for what he’s doing. Even if the means aren’t justified. These characters are dealing the best they can with a terrible situation. Most of my problems with this game lay with the questionable quality of each episode and some of the bugs that cropped up. If you haven’t finished the story due to episode two being rather poor, I still recommend you finish it out. I’d like to see a second season of this game at some point but there hasn’t been any announcements just yet.

All episodes have been released, it’s 75% off and one of my favorite series to come from Telltale. I really hope they do additional seasons for it.

City Builder Survival game for Windows (multi-platform is reportedly coming)

$5 for this city builder is worth it. I’ve already given my thoughts on it already a couple of days ago but I think that sale makes it worth trying at least.

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting this series. I’ll be back for the Winter 2015 sale as well as a few others I have no doubt. Journey Through Steam will be back at its regularly scheduled posting. The next videogame review should be up soon(TM). If you’ve got any game suggestions for me or my readers, well, you can leave a comment below.


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