A Paladin’s Buyer Guide for Steam’s Summer Sale. Day Five: Grand Strategizing My Jump Scares. June 12, 2015.

Flash Sales Recommendations: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Shadow Warrior Franchise, Xenonauts, Scribblenauts, Frozen Cortex, Tales of Maj'Eyal.

Flash Sales Recommendations: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Shadow Warrior Franchise, Xenonauts, Scribblenauts, Frozen Cortex, Tales of Maj’Eyal.

Got quite a few games to look at today.

Apologies for the lateness of this post, had an appointment to get to today.

As a general reminder, you should wait until the game is on a daily feature sale, flash sale or on the monster community choice. That’s when they’ll be the cheapest. All of which can be seen on the front page of Steam. You should also keep an eye on HumbleBundle.com, Amazon.com and GreenManGaming.com as they will sometimes do even better sales than Steam. I will try and make you aware of any significant ones I see. Also, you can see the previous days of sales I have covered at this link.

Games You Should Buy Today

Short adventure game for Windows

A Paladin’s Steam Review: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Ok, I said I wouldn’t do flash sales here but I can’t let this one go by without comment. It was my favorite game of the year in 2013 and $1.49 is a steal to get this game. Even if you miss the deep discount, getting it at all should be a priority. It’s a great adventure game with a unique control scheme and a touching story. This game requires a controller to play.

Open World Isometric Zombie Survival game for all platforms.

I’ve played a bit of this game. I really like the concept. An isometric almost old-XCOM-styled-mechanics survival game. It had some initial problems in development but the devs have been working overtime to make a compelling experience. For me, it’s way too early in its development for me to enjoy right now. But the game is in a playable state right now. This will be the cheapest Zomboid will be discounted to for a long time, according to the developer’s announcement on Steam. So, if you want to get it cheap, now is the time to get it.

4X Strategy Series

I own all three of these games but haven’t played them…yet. Stardock has made a very beloved 4X game and their latest title into the series has been getting rave reviews as well. I’m really surprised to see the 25% discount on Gal Civ III considering it came out last month. If you need a good space 4X sereies, Gal Civ is probably the one to get, especially at that cheap of a price. At the very least, you should get the complete pack as that has both Gal Civ I and II in their ultimate edition states. For $6.24, that’s a hell of a lot of content.

Grand Strategy for all platforms

The highly acclaimed grand strategy title from Paradox has a steep, steep learning curve. It’s gotten plenty of support from Paradox in the form of free and paid DLC since 2012 and is still being actively developed. For $7.99, if you’re wanting a deep grand strategy title, I don’t think you can get much better than Crusader Kings II. Just realize you’re in for one hell of a long learning curve. Also, you should definitely take this chance to pick up the DLC in the Crusader Kings II collection. That’s a big savings.

FPS Steampunk Stealth/Action Title for Windows

Bethesda’s entry into the FPS stealth genre was met with reasonable critical reception. I mostly got spoiled via a Let’s Play (which is why I no longer watch story-based Let’s Play on games unless I have zero intention of every playing them). Still, I put in five hours and I have hopes of returning to do a full review on the main game and the DLC. $5 is worth the asking price or $10 for everything. The good DLC still isn’t being discounted that much but this is Bethesda. So, big surprise. The game allows for stealth or more action-oriented play. However, if you kill a lot of people, you’ll find the game isn’t quite as enjoyable. But at least you get the option.

Games I’m Unsure Of

aRPG titles for all platforms.

I own Shadowrun Returns and have probably committed a grievous sin of not having played it yet. I own like five to eight cRPGs in similar states. Why did this genre suddenly had to grow to ridiculous popularity…..anyway, this cRPG has XCOM styled combat and it’s unique universe to set it apart from others in this genre. I’ve heard great reviews on the Kickstarted-title and can’t really think of any reason not to get it at $2.99. Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon….

Bioshock Franchise 85% off for multiple platforms

Frankly, I think the Bioshock series is incredibly overrated. Sure, some of the storytelling is good at times, but it gets coupled with the most mind-numbing FPS combat I’ve ever witnessed. Is $10.48 for the entire franchise worth it? Possibly. Just don’t expect anything magical about the gameplay. It should be noted that the DLC is not on the same discount. I’m not going to say no to these games but I think you’re better off with something else.

Jump scare horror games for Windows

I loathe poorly made jump scare games. Is Five Nights at Freddy’s one of those? I’m still on the fence about that at the moment. These are intentionally jump-scary games. So, if you have no interest in that, avoid. I haven’t personally tackled them though I’ve seen enough gameplay footage to get a good idea of what’s going on. Because, I just don’t like playing these type of games. I prefer more subtle horror games with creepy atmospheres aka The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. I do have a lot of respect for this developer. He was a relatively unknown dev who has created a successful franchise and has made continually improvements in each title. They’re cheap, effective and sell well. Sure, they feature a lot of cheap jump scares and the budgets are unquestioning indie. But they still treat their audience with respect and price the games fairly, even after two sequels. I’m not surprised that FNAF #3 is on a 33% discount as the game came out a couple months ago and is already pretty cheap.

Early Access Open World Survival game for Windows and Mac

This is yet another open world sandbox/survival game. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I haven’t played it nor do I have an opinion on it. It’s gotten positive reception so far though. And for $10, I’ve certainly seen more expensive games. But it’s in the early stages of development so I suggest waiting until it’s a little more complete.

jRPG Anime Title for Windows

So, two firsts for this game. 1) It’s the first anime title in the main feature of this Summer sale. 2) That is a seriously heavy discount for a six month old title. jRPGs aren’t my area of expertise. Never have been. So, I can’t tell you much about Hyper Dimension Neptunia Rebirth 1 other than that’s a freaking long name. DLC seems to be ok for the most part. At least it’s really cheap. This is a port from consoles. That’s what I got.

Source Engine Sandbox Playground for all platforms.

This isn’t the deepest discount Garry’s Mod has ever gotten, it got a better one in the previous Winter sale. But it’s $5. For a sandbox game. C’mon, that’s cheap enough. For what this game is, it’s well loved. I’m not really looking for a goofy sandbox title right now though so I haven’t gotten into it. But I have heard nothing but good things about it.

aRPG 3rd person title for Windows only

Borrowing Dark Soul’s combat and aesthetic heavily, Lords of the Fallen is the first of, what I’m hoping to be, many titles based on this genre. It got released to a mixed reception, complaints ranging from an iffy combat system, an easy difficulty and limited boss battles. I’ve been back and forth on whether I want to tackle this game. For $20, it’s not a good enough discount personally. Not for an ok game. The DLC is also fairly questionable. If you’re wondering what this developer has made previously, they produced the Sniper series and a couple of airplane dogfighting games.

Dead Rising Franchise on a variable discount

I have no outstanding opinion about the Dead Rising franchise. It’s a hack-and-slash zombie killing game where you can create experimental and whacky weaponry. The discounts aren’t too bad but could have been better. Dead Rising 2 is considered the best of the series. Whereas Dead Rising 3 has some serious performance problems on the PC platform.

Divinity Franchise on a variable discount

The entire Divinity franchise is on sale and boy this series has had a weird life. I’ve tried Divinity: Dragon Commander and initially liked it, though put it down because I wasn’t in the RTS mood. Divinity: Original Sin, released in the previous year, was given a lot of positive reviews for it’s huge amount of content and customization/modding potential. It’s a turn-based RPG game. I couldn’t tell you anything about the previous games in the series. If you’re looking for an odd RTS-styled game where you can personally control a jet-pack weilding dragon, get Divinity: Dragon Commander at $10. The discount on Divinity Original Sin is a bit weak.

Games To Avoid

Fighting Action game for Windows

Otherwise known as the weird-bouncing-boob simulator. Main reason not to get this game? It’s not the boob thing, it’s the complete lack of online multiplayer and the iffy porting to PC. Large amounts of graphics options are missing and the game doesn’t look that good. Even three months later there’s still no online play. Yet they expect you to pay $200+ for the hilariously overpriced cosmetic DLC. Yes, you too can have 10 sexy bunny costumes for a single player game as well. *facepalm*. Avoid. Avoid like the damned plague.

QTE Events Galore Overrated Title for Consoles. Oh and I guess Windows too.

What once was exclusive to the Xbox One has made it’s way over to Windows. Probably one of the least exciting exclusives to make that transition. The game’s main strengths are the looks…the QTEs…and not much else. It was a game designed to show off the Xbox One’s potential. Potential of being barely able to display 1080p gameplay footage at 60FPS consistently. Way to go on that achievement Microsoft. Way to go. Do I sound overly sarcastic/critical? Probably.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any feedback for this series.


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