A Paladin’s Buyer Guide for Steam’s Summer Sale. Day Four: Survive This Space. June 14, 2015.

Flash Recommendations: Luftrausers, Super Meat Boy and TS 2015 (Sim players only). Do NOT buy Defense Grid 2. Reviews available for SMB and DG2.

Flash Sales Recommendations: Luftrausers, Super Meat Boy and TS 2015 (Simulation players only). Do NOT buy Defense Grid 2. Reviews available for SMB and DG2.

Day four is through the door so let’s talk about which games to get.

Survival, weird worlds and endless combat. Some interesting stuff to be found in here.

As a general reminder, you should wait until the game is on a daily feature sale, flash sale or on the monster community choice. That’s when they’ll be the cheapest. All of which can be seen on the front page of Steam. You should also keep an eye on HumbleBundle.com, Amazon.com and GreenManGaming.com as they will sometimes do even better sales than Steam. I will try and make you aware of any significant ones I see. Also, you can see the previous days of sales I have covered at this link.

Games You Should Buy Today

First person story-drive mystery title for Windows

A Paladin’s Steam Review: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Final Thoughts
The atmosphere and mystery makes for a compelling experience. While it does have a lot of adventure/walking simulator aspects to it, it still keeps the player involved the entire time. Even while it demands that you absorb the view of a decaying rural area known as Red River Valley. Jump scares are rare but there’s something that eats at you the entire time. When finished, the game will leave you with more questions than answers. Not in the “find out in the sequel” sort of way, thankfully. I should also note that the characters are rather cliche but I almost think that was intentional given the ending. If you’re looking for a fun mystery/exploration through a decaying rural area, give The Vanishing of Ethan Carter a go.

Not really sure I can add more to my final thoughts. $6.79 is definitely a good price for this title. So, if you’re needing a new short first person atmospheric mystery game in your life, this is the one to get. It doesn’t hurt that the game is good to look at.

Co-Op Zombie Shooter for all platforms

My Incomplete Steam Review

A FPS zombie co-op/multiplayer experience. $3.99 is peanuts compared to the potential enjoyment you can get out of it. Both single player and multiplayer are worth playing. Though, a large part of the game lies in the workshop and/or enjoying it with friends. Very satisfying combat, lots of levels and many ways to play. The best mode has to be the PVP mode. Where you can fight as the specialist zombies against human-controlled survivors. You get a lot of fun (and funny) situations to come out of that. Despite being six years old, the game still looks great too. I never got around to Left For Dead 1 but I’ve heard it’s a pretty decent time as well. Occasionally had server problems when I was playing it weekly with a group of people.

Cyberpunk Action RPG for all platforms.

I am so close to getting around to tackling this game, it hurts. What I do know about Transistor, is that it was a very well reviewed title. Made by the same developers who created Bastion, Supergiant Games returned with their fantastic visual style and aRPG combat system with some new twists added in. $4.99 for a Supergiant game? Yeah, that’s probably worth picking up. I’d probably put the few extra bucks down for the soundtrack because it’s supposed to be really good.

Casual Management Title for all platforms

Incomplete Steam Review

That review was created before I launched A Paladin’s Steam Reviews as a thing. So, that’s why it’s incomplete. (It’ll get updated at some point). Anyway, I still remain mixed on Game Dev Tycoon. If you know anything about gaming history, it’s too easy to succeed at the game. At least, that was my experience with it. It’s still fun and rewarding though. For $5, you’ll get around 5-10 hours of fun and that’s certainly good bang for your buck. Just don’t expect too much.

Games I’m Unsure Of

Realistic FPS Tactical Game for Windows and Mac

I’ve heard reasonable reviews on this FPS multiplayer game. But it’s hard and not for those that will get easily frustrated. Hence why I’ve stayed sooooo very far away from it. I also want to say this was a Kickstarted project. The community is still going strong at around 2,500 players on average though I’m sure this sale will cause that number to spike. At $3.74, it’s a different kind of indie FPS but might be worth your time.

4X Strategy series for all platforms.

A series that I have only recently started getting into, so, this comes at that awkward time when I don’t know my opinion on it yet. Civilization 4 was considered the best until the recent expansions for Civ 5 arrived. Now they seem to be on equal ground. I don’t know much about Civ III though and it’s getting to be nine years old now. I’d say Civilization V is the best way to enter the series right now. It’s got the best balance of gameplay and graphics you could ask for. As for Civilization: Beyond Earth, it’s largely considered to be a lazy cash in and not worth buying right now. Maybe if the stars align in the right way and the correct pagan sacrifices are done, the upcoming expansion will fix the majority of problems it has. But that’s….not very likely. You can get the Civ 5 Complete Edition with all DLC for $12.49 and that’s a good price. Getting Beyond Earth for $20? Not so much. $7.49 for Civ IV isn’t too bad either. I wouldn’t get the “Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth Classics Bundle” as it lacks the DLC/Expansions for Civ IV & Civ V.

Point and Click Classic Adventure for all platforms.

As far as I know, this Remastering release for Grim Fandango was done well. However, still expect some janky graphics, mechanics and puzzles since this is a rather old game and they largely kept it intact. For better or worse. I have seen a playthrough of this game and I did enjoy the story & humor. (I saw the playthrough before the Remastering of this title was announced). Not sure I would have enjoyed any of the point & click mechanics or puzzles though. $7.49 is a pretty good price for this game that can now be enjoyed on modern systems.

4X turn-based fantasy strategy title.

Made by the same developers who crafted Endless Space, I can’t tell you much about it. I avoided Endless Space when I heard reports about it’s iffy space combat and I never looked back when the developer released Endless Legend. I’m not going to give a game opinion because 4X’s are really tricky to get impressions of. As for the sale, it’s ok. I’m not really convinced that the Emperor Edition is worth getting but at least you can upgrade later if you decide it’s worth it.

Alien Franchise 50-75% off

First off: FRACK Aliens: Colonial Marines. Don’t bother even trying it, it’s a completely buggy piece of crap and is most definitely not worth $3.74. Alien Isolation at $12.49, even despite it’s problems, is probably worth it. I don’t know anything about Aliens VS Predator but it’s been getting a slight resurgence in popularity with GOG Galaxy being integrated into it and the gameplay still being liked five years later. Anyway, Alien: Isolation is on my to-do list and that price puts it in a compelling range for me. I haven’t heard anything about the Season pass strangely enough…

Turn-based strategy RPG with Vikings on all platforms.

Beautiful Roto-scope animations, interesting combat system but far too short and a feeling of being incomplete. That’s largely the impression I’ve gotten from reviews on this title. It’s also been on my to-do list to tackle and for $5, I’ll probably pick it up. Interesting side-notes: this was a Kickstarted game and some songs for the OST were sung by popular YouTubers.

Open World FPS Franchise for Windows only.

$42.48 for the entire franchise of Farcry (minus FarCry 4 Season pass)? Uhh, that’s not too bad. Though I still won’t get it because I just don’t have any interest in this franchise. It’s a Ubisoft open world title(s) with Ubisoft DRM and Ubisoft mechanics. It’s gotten a lot of positive reception with the majority of the small amount of negative reviews being people simply disliking the DRM. Which I can’t blame them for that. My feelings are extremely mixed on this franchise so I’m just going to leave it like this.

Games To Avoid

Early Access Survival Game for Windows

Avoid. This game has a very odd business model. It’s acting like a premium game now and then changing into a free-to-play upon release. That’s probably good for getting the right people involved in your game to help with the alpha/beta development. But it seems to be causing a lot of problems in-game. There’s something wonky going on and I feel like there are better survival games if you must have this experience. Definitely wait until it’s released.

Early Access Medieval game for Windows

Another survival game and the majority of the reviews point to hacking problems. Even if that problem didn’t exist, these devs had worked on a sci-fi survival game called StarForge. It spent less than a year in early access, got let loose and they immediately started work on Reign of Kings. Despite StarForge being in an incomplete state. The devs also seem to be censoring their own forums from any potential negative criticism. Again, as stated above, they’re better games and devs worth your time and money.

Classic RPG for Windows

The reviews were very negative on this HD update for Fable when initially released. The visual updates were minor at the best of times, they created issues with the UI and it felt like a lazy HD update. They have released updates since the reviews so who knows, maybe they did fix the problems reviewers were critical on. But I don’t know and frankly, I’m not all that interested in it. To me, it was a vastly overhyped RPG and considering that it was done at the time Peter Molyneux was in hype overdrive, well, my interest has considerably waned towards it.

FPS Multiplayer Franchise for Windows

No one wants my opinion on this series of games. The most hyper twitchy set of FPS multiplayer games with single player experiences ranging from lackluster-to-awful. The last one I played was Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It was ok. I’ve only slightly considered getting Modern Warfare 2 to see what happens next. Each game has it’s own unique set of problems ranging from either multiplayer server problems to shoddy porting. The sales are not that great at 51% off. But that’s not surprising since Activision doesn’t like discounting this franchise all that much or that often. I’m also not sure it’s worth picking up the older titles for their multiplayer experiences because most of the community has no doubt died off for the latest and greatest experience. It’s a mixed bag and frankly, I feel like there are better FPSes out there right now. I want to say that Call of Duty Black Ops II was considered the last best release by the community. Other than that, I don’t like this franchise enough to recommend it. But hey, at least you can buy the entire franchise 25% off! It’s only $300. (No, just…no….don’t…don’t do that).

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any feedback for this series.


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