A Paladin’s Steam Review: Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks. You’re a Big, Green and Growing Alien Blob. Yet, You’re Still Cute.

Physics Platformer Review for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile Platforms.

Physics Platformer Review for Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile Platforms.

Physics based platformer review where you grow a giant mutant blob.

After The Witcher 2 review, I decided to take it a bit easy this week and work on this review. Been wanting to do it for a little while now. Like jRPGs, I’m not sure if I’ll keep reviewing platformers or not. I’m not saying one way or the other right now.

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A Paladin’s Steam Review: Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks. You’re a Big, Green and Growing Alien Blob. Yet You’re Still Cute.

Overall Gameplay Thoughts
Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks is a side-scrolling 2D physics platformer where you take control of an ever-growing alien blob that consumes everything in its path. The main mechanic of Tales is the blob, which rolls around consuming objects and people in the level. This allows the blob to grow bigger and get past a series of obstacles on each level. It’s certainly a different mechanic from most platformers though I mostly have a neutral opinion on it. It works for this game. This is not a one-hit-die platformer so you can take multiple hits before popping. You’ll heal at checkpoints scattered about the level. The blob can also jump, smash to the ground as well as use telekinetic and magnetic powers to get around. All of which will be used to get past a series of increasingly-difficult series of obstacles. This helps keep the gameplay different each level. The main campaign is a decent feature of 24 fairly challenging levels. Every five or so levels are set in a differently themed area, featuring backgrounds with army bases, the moon and college dorm rooms. It’s cutesy and littered with references to other games, YouTubers and movies. The story itself is very limited, with some cutscenes only vaguely describing what’s going on.

The Platforming
It’s not my favorite kind of platforming. There’s a bit too much trial and error challenge for my liking as you try to get past obstacles using the game’s physics. I often found myself stuck in an area due to my own ineptitude and the game’s challenge. It doesn’t demand pixel-perfection such as the Giana Sisters but it does demand your attention. The twenty four levels almost outstay their welcome for me they do have a decent enough variety to keep them from being boring. I did find some of the telekinesis parts a bit overly frustrating though. However, the bonus levels that had you controlling the blob from a top-down perspective were pretty neat.

PC Settings
2D Platformers don’t need much to get by. But Mutant Blobs Attack has what it needs and then some. Music and Sound sliders are here. Controller vibration can be disabled. There’s a “CPU Performance” slider that goes low or high which will be useful for low-end rigs. A decent amount of resolution options, full screen and v-sync are here as well. Anti-Aliasing can be enabled/disabled. Otherwise, the game was very stable when I played it and I didn’t notice any issues. Music is a…weird quirky tune that fits in with the 50s aesthetic they went for. I’m not a fan of the 50s era aesthetic but it does work here. A controller is recommended for the best experience but keyboard and mouse is usable.

Final Thoughts
I personally didn’t enjoy my time with Tales from Space: Mutant Blob Attacks. This genre hasn’t been appealing to me much lately and Tales doesn’t change that. But, if you do like platformers, Mutant Blob Attacks is definitely worth getting. The platforming is very solid with plenty of variety for such a short title. Additionally, the charm it displays is hard to ignore. I’m not usually a fan of the 50s aesthetic but it works for this one. If you want something that’s cutesy yet still challenging, I don’t think you can go wrong with this game.

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