A Paladin’s Update: May 2015 In Summary. It’s Been A Great Month for Reviews.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

26 years old and deeper in debt. Isn’t that how the song goes? Eh, whatever. Here is the monthly update about my life, my blog and everything else.

My birthday was in May and I’m now 26 years old but I look like I’m 17. The weather has shifted to a cold 60ish degrees after a week of hot and 80s. Oregon weather, gotta love it. This month….has been another ups and downs for me. A Paladin and finding a job has been going strong but I haven’t found the amount of success I’d like. It’s…frustrating at times.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Stats evened out this past month. Readership staying consistent is a good thing though! At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. I don’t know if I fully believe that myself. A Journey Through Steam continues to go strong though I feel like it’s in this weird place creatively. Though I can’t tell you why.

Despite skipping a week of reviewing, I somehow managed to beat out April for total games reviewed. Still trying to figure that one out. Six games! Four Steam reviews and two full length blog reviews. That’s a lot of work. I’m really happy with myself on this achievement. I want to keep this going like you have no idea. It’s funny too, the initial plan for May was to do a month of sequel reviews. I was going to do Overlord 2, an update to my Portal 2 review, Trine 2 and then finish off with The Witcher 2. Well, the Overlord 2 review happened. However, when I sat down to do the review for Trine 2, I was uncertain of my opinion. I felt I needed a re-do on my playthrough before I gave my opinion. The Witcher 2 work was also starting to add up so I decided to delay both the Trine 2 and Portal 2 until later. Instead, I decided to update Breath of Death, Cthulhu Saves the World and Papers, Please. Best laid plans I guess. I now have a different plan for Portal 2 and I think you’ll see that one relatively soon. I don’t know when Trine 2 will be done. For now, I’ve got different plans for June.

The Witcher 2 review is something that I’m really proud about. I think it accurately describes my feeling and covers the game how I really want to. I want to take the groundwork I’ve made there and continue applying it to other games. The System Shock 2 stream had a long pause this month due to a lot of “real life” activities. I’m a bad person. But we’re having fun and that’s the important part.

Reviews Published:

A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam

Top three posts for the past month:

  1. A Paladin’s GOG Galaxy: Alpha Initial Impressions. I’m Impressed.
  2. A Paladin’s Updated Steam Review: Overlord & Overlord: Raising Hell. Frustrating Gameplay & Conflicted Themes Doesn’t Make One Evil.
  3. A Paladin: The Beauty of Cities: Skylines in Screenshots #2.

Heh, apparently I should do more reviews of game clients. Those seem to get a lot of attention. Overlord review is getting an abnormal amount of traffic and I’m not sure why. For such an old and not quite popular game, it’s a bit weird to see. Not that I’m complaining. I know I’ve been meaning to do more screenshot posts. I just need more traffic period. Something everything that I work on struggles with.

TLW Tech Services:

My business had a much better month with three clients in a single week and a separate client another week. That really helped boost my confidence with the business, even if I’m struggling to find ways of marketing it in the area that I live in. That still remains the main problem with it. I haven’t sold off the computer yet and I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised. I’m considering what to do with it if I can’t sell it. Main goals for the business are to figure out a way of advertising in Cornelius and getting more clients.

Other Personal Items:

My struggle to find a job is just…ridiculous. Draining. Tiring. I worked hard at this past month and still got nothing for it. One particular interview with a school district I thought went well still didn’t land me anything. Frustration.

My general mood has been depressed but I’m getting help with it. I’ve had more good days than bad ones. Mostly thanks to A Paladin. I think I would have lost it if I didn’t have A Paladin to work into. Working on finding a job and TLW Tech can be frustrating at times because the end-goals aren’t always clear or achievable every week. With A Paladin, it’s pretty straightforward: publish a blog post this week, work on a Journey a couple times, etc and so forth. Its all achievable goals. I think that’s why I enjoy it so much. Because at the end of the week, I have something to show for it. The rest of this stuff? Not so much.

With my birthday last month, I got to spend some time catching up with friends in Eugene. I was…surprised because I didn’t think that was going to happen this year. I guess it helps that those I visited with have birthdays on or near my own. I have pretty great friends, both in the physical and digital world. I need to remind myself of that more often. I guess having a year birthday helps remind me of that. Thanks friends for being awesome.

In summary, May was a better month than April. There was other things that went on that I don’t want to talk about, but they really helped it be a better month. I was more social in May than I have been in months too which didn’t hurt. Well, much. ;).

Thanks for reading and supporting me as always. Here’s to a great month of June!


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