A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam: 5/12/2015. Sailing Ships & People Growing Up.

More Rocksmith...and not much else.

More Rocksmith…and not much else.

Bit of a light release week so far. Still, found a few memorable titles.

This post is part of a series where I feature the most interesting new releases on Valve’s Steam store. With my first impressions commentary to go along with each. Learn more about this series at this blog post.

Mixed Feature: Windward

Sandbox Ship Combat/Sailing Game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Sandbox Ship Combat/Sailing Game for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Well then. A sandbox ship combat title. And it doesn’t look too bad either. Seems to be focused on giving you a sandbox ship experience over anything else. No departing onto land to assassinate random lords to be seen. It’s you, the ship, trading and/or piracy through and through. Hopefully. It’s entirely co-op so I’m glad they made a competent AI for it as well. Intriguing. Very, very intriguing.

Mixed Feature: Toren

Adventure Combat Title for Windows only.

Adventure Combat Title for Windows only.

Seems to recommend a controller which isn’t surprising for a 3rd person title. The art style and graphical fidelity isn’t all that exciting. (It’s really indie). Story isn’t all that interesting either. Some mumbo jumbo about being the last person to climb a mysterious title in search of a solution to the problems of a world. If I had a nickle….but what pulled my attention was one of the features listed:

A Journey of Learning & Fulfillment (fulfilment is misspelled) – As the story progresses your character will age from a mere infant to grown woman creating new mechanics and challenges for each learning experience and phase of her life. In addition, the Tree of Life within the tower grows as she does, providing access to new areas to explore and new items to find.

It’s pretty rare to see a character in a 3rd person change during the game. But for this one to change not only the appearance but the game mechanics as well? That’s something that’s not often explored. Still, an untested dev tends to have some issues with their first game. So, something to keep in mind.

Anti-Feature: Beeswing

???? Indie? For Windows and Mac.

???? Indie? For Windows and Mac.

I’ll give the dev credit. He’s being honest with this one. The list of features include: “no puzzles or fighting or anything like that, under 3 hours of content, my mum, she’s there, old people! and not much more”. Publisher is listed as “erm…”. Which I got a kick out of. Doesn’t look like a game worth the time of day but at least the dev isn’t trying to sell it as anything but, so, kudos to you good sir/maam. It’s not worth $7.99 though.

Side Note: Interplanetary

Hmm….Is this Eve Online’s Planetary Interaction the game? Or Planetary Annihilation, the better game? (Ok, ok, low blow).

Side Note: Below Kryll

Creating and supporting a game based on user-made content….that seems risky to me. Especially when I see blatant copyright theft in the trailer itself. It’s one thing for mods to do that, but to base an entire game on that? Risky…you’re just asking for the lawyers to show up.

Side Note: Uncrowded

How to spot a blatant clone: when they don’t even have the right title in the menu of the first 2 seconds of the trailer.

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