A Paladin’s SMITE: Scrublord League Conquest Night Report for May 02, 2015. I Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Support.

What does Arena have anything to do with Conquest? Absolutely nothing. I'm just really bad at screenshotting when I'm in League.

What does Arena have anything to do with Conquest? Absolutely nothing. I’m just really bad at screenshotting when I’m in League.

Seriously, quit letting me support.

This is publishing today but was written on the night I did all of this, mostly because I don’t want to crowd my review of Overlord II. Enjoy the spread-out content. This is a quick update on my latest exploits in League. I’m not going to translate any of the SMITE/MOBA jargon below so your enjoyment may vary. This is just for enjoyment purposes and not chest beating. Ok, maybe just a little bit of chest beating. ;P

I’ll post the two photos of my League games tonight. Links to stats for Game 1 & Game 2.

This is the game I was most pround of. I had some great pulls and I shut down Sylvanus hard.

This is the game I was most pround of. I had some great pulls and I shut down Sylvanus hard.

Not as proud of this game because I underestimated how fragile I was with the build I went with. But I still pulled it together in mid-game.

Their Ymir is angry, though I can’t really blame him.

I’m well aware that it has been nearly a month since I last posted about League Conquest. This is the first night I’ve picked it up since I last talked about it. I always go back and forth on whether I want to regularly do it.

I know that assists are highly undervalued in the SMITE community, but as a main support, it is the only statistic I can go on to really show if I’m doing well or not. Having 15-20 assists within 20mins is insanely good for the few amount of deaths I had. Oh, and I’m in Silver II of League Conquest! I had my promo game tonight and jumped from IV to II! I’m really happy about that.

The Sobek game is the one I’m really proud of. I had just watched a SPL game where a Sobek and Medusa were used to great effect. So when I noticed that Sylvanus was on the other team, well, I knew I had to try it. It was kind of funny that while the match was in the first banning phase, someone requested I don’t play Sylvanus because he was bad. While I, heavily, disagree with that assertion, I guess I only went and proved his point by trouncing Sylvanus so hard. There’s not much Sylvanus can do against a Sobek. Sobek is one of the Guardians that can counter him effectively. Frankly, I’m surprised he isn’t picked up more. I guess it’s due to his difficulty curve. Him, Cabrakan and Ares are the three guardians I consider the best counters to Sylvanus. I guess Ymir is considered a counter but I’ve always found that matchup to be pretty equal. After going on a massive killing spree in duo lane, we started putting a lot of pressure on mid lane where their Janus couldn’t keep up. With Sylvanus a staggering 9 deaths behind and no one else picking up the slack, they eventually surrendered. I love Sobek. I need to play him more…

The Kumbakharna game didn’t go as well but I’m relatively satisfied with the results. I picked Kumba because Bellona got first picked and we need anti-attack speed fast to prevent her from going crazy. She’s also extremely susceptible to CC screwing her up. So, who better than Kumba with his Mighty Yawn having an anti-AS debuff on it now and his other CC in his kit. I’ve really liked Kumba’s god personality but hated his kit. While it had a lot of CC, it never felt all that focused and too easily disrupted in the middle of teamfights. But, the recent buffs to his kit now gives his kit a personality of an anti-Attack Speed guardian. We had a rough early game with me spilling first blood for overestimating my lack of tankiness. We still drew even despite the amount of kills going around. This was a game where thankfully no one was BMing. It’s funny how if you don’t BM, you might actually win the game even when you’re slightly behind. We managed to stay even until about mid game. Then, the enemy team made a lot of tactical errors in their team fights and I was finally able to start tanking damage. We were even diving their tier two towers and not paying it. I notice as I look at the stats screen that the enemy team had a pretty decent coverage of wards. However, 8 wards on their mid and only 6 on their support? That’s pretty shameful. I was even being conservative on buying wards for the second half of the game. While I do think that all roles should be buying wards, supports should still be buying a fair few. 6 is…just not excusable for a 24mins game.

As I’m no doubt aware, my friends are probably wondering why I’m not complaining about Supports at the moment. Or why I willingly chose to play the support twice in a row. I’ve been extremely sour about the role since Season 2 took off. Lack of farm, lack of gold, lack of ability to accomplish their role. Lack of choice in items, the list kinda goes on. I guess I’ve been forced to come to the conclusion that maybe the role isn’t so badly off. And Hi-Rez is trying to make things better. I dunno why I’m still in a bitter/sour mood about it. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not a black hole that sucks the fun out of the universe. I do get over silly things like this rather quickly. But this support issue has had me bothered for weeks months now and I haven’t dropped it. I still can’t figure out why. Maybe I need a SMITE therapist heh.

Thanks for reading as always. I hope it doesn’t take me another month to get back into League Conquest.


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