A Paladin’s Update: April 2015 In Summary.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

April comes to its end. May Is Here. Let’s get along with this update then.

What a month. A lot of lows and not a lot of highs for me this time around. A lot of this month has been pretty uneventful. But I guess if life was always exciting, well, it’d get boring. It’s a cool Friday evening as I type this out. So, let’s see how this month shaped out. Spoiler though, it’s been really rough.

A Paladin Without A Crusade

Four months after I “rebooted” the blog and this is the first month where my view count wasn’t better than last month. In fact, I lost nearly a third of the usual viewcounts. Not going to lie, its bumming me out as I write this right now. Its like life couldn’t resist kicking me in the gut while I was down. So…yeah, you can tell how I feel about it. Remember last month’s post about me considering a Facebook page? Well I launched that. And got 0 likes on the page. I guess I kind of deserved that, considering my less-than-positive feelings towards FB. Not sure what I can really do about it at this time.

Reviews Published:

A Paladin’s Journey Through Steam

Top three posts for the past month:

  1. A Paladin’s Review: Metro Last Light
  2. A Paladin’s SMITE: A Scrub’s League Conquest Night Report. April 10th, 2015.
  3. A Paladin’s GOG Galaxy: Alpha Initial Impressions. I’m Impressed.

So, clearly I should do more reviews and SMITE reports. Those seemed to get a decent amount of attention. Good to know. The SMITE one was kind of a test to begin with. Thanks to everyone for giving the GOG Galaxy post a lot of attention. Kind of went out on a limb with that post and it seems to be paying off. I really should be doing more technology-based posts since TeknoCratik closed down. So, hopefully the GOG one was a sign of things to come.

My About Me page got updated and you should check it out. Well, ok, maybe not. But thanks to that getting updated, I now consider the website ready for public consumption again. I also finally launched Managarmr’s and I’s planned System Shock Stream. A full year after it was announced. All of which can be thanked to a mixture of issues with YouTube, personal lives and Twitch. Things have finally settled down to the point that I felt comfortable running the series. And it’s started out rather well. Once I feel secure with the progress of the System Shock 2 series, I’ll begin work on the planned strategy series.

I might sound less than positive with this update. Heck, it’s not even like this month has been that bad for me. I’ve gotten reviews out, A Journey Through Steam is still going well and I’m still having fun. I feel like my reviews have even gotten better. It’s just…it’s nice to see some sort of reward for your hard work and this month hasn’t given me anything for it. On any level. So, I’m not feeling all that great about it. I’ll cheer up tomorrow and get over it. It’s not the first time that A Paladin didn’t have a positive growth when I’ve worked on it. Probably won’t be the last. Hopefully my birth month will be a lot better.

TLW Tech Services:

TLW has had a rough month as well. Just can’t seem to get a break with it. Oh…wait, right, I’m trying to sell a refurbished desktop now. That’s something new. It is an experiment to see how well things go with selling it. Maybe I can do future refurbishing. Or maybe I’ll stop that idea altogether. As for working on repairing devices, that’s hit a bit of a wall as I need devices to practice on and that’ll cost me a lot of money. As I think I’ve previously mentioned. So, I’m holding off until other things fall into place.

Other Personal Items:

So, my job search is going to be shifting focus. I’m going to focus less on sales/customer service and IT. Instead, I’m going to focus more towards other industries that suit my strengths. Whatever those end up being as I’m currently looking into my options. Oh sure, I’ll look at IT/Helpdesk jobs, but I’m trying to expand my net so I can find a job sooner rather than later. There’s a longer discussion about this that I’m not really willing to explore in an update post.

I’ve been in a generally good state of mind/mood but the past week has been really rough. I guess it’s just part of the territory.

As always, the support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sticking it out with me. Hope all of us have a great month of May!


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